Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dearjeru (Day 51),

Study-time Thoughts of the Day:
  • Study guide says: "Josiah: king of Judah and beyond." Sarah Barlow: "Wait, like Toy Story?" Welcome to Disney-study-time Day 2.
  • Today a usually “suave” kid walks into class with his hair parted and collared shirt tucked in. His explanation: “Dress like a nerd, test like a nerd!" Obviously, we know how to rock it here in Jeru.
  • "Did anyone else picture Rocky theme music in the background when we read that conquering story?" -Andy 
  • "Andy, my favorite part about this study session is when I recap what we've talked about to make sure I got it right and you say 'Yep.' Approval from the history major is SO satisfactory!" -me      "Yep." -Andy
  • "Wanna go punch the punching bag?" -Luke
Finally responded to emails from Brielle and Sarah. They changed me today. Their personalities just move me: make me better, make me more excited to live my life. Thanks for the inspiration, you two.

Love. Of course. -ChloƩ

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