Monday, September 17, 2012

A dear little prayer,

logan, utah

Today I realized two things.

I have come so far. And I have a long way to go.

And I guess that is the beauty of life:


Because I have no idea how long it will take me to get where I want, even need, to be.

But heaven only knows I need it's help.




Sincerely, yours.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Wonderfulness,

Days when your photos require little, if any, editing: wonderful.
provo's version of climbing on antiquities... 

Days of bliss, real bliss. The kind you get with the closest of friends, real friends.

Nights of serenity.

Where adventures are both possible and probable.
have i mentioned i love this girl and even more so the way she takes pictures?
60 mph...with the windows down...for an hour
luke: what's new?
 And when you love your life and everything about your day.
someday i'll be able to fill luke's shoes...
All this in one weekend when Alicia comes to visit:
-Chloé Michelle

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Provo,

I've been around your streets for over a week now. And I love you. Partly because you are full of just as much adventure as I had this summer...partly because I can find little glimpses of Jerusalem all around.
i have about 15 of these pictures amidst the holy ground of the holy land.

looking for my textbooks and these ones catch my eye instead...

i wish...

good ol' jeru byu logo

.........been there.......

i believe this is heather's skirt???

brought this guy with me all the way from pam's closet.
man, do i miss that girl.
and how i love this shirt because of it.

Eight glorious months in Provo with my four favorite roommates and eighty of my closest friends from the center: here I come.

Dear Bri,

I don't think I have ever seen a bride more giddy-in-love at her wedding. I am thrilled you found Dustin to make you so happy. Also, thanks for letting us come crash your wedding. I will never forget your thrill upon our arrival or dancing my heart out to "What Makes You Beautiful." It was a wonderful excuse to be near my close friends again. I am terribly glad that i am a part of your life.
Kol Tuv and Mazal Tov, my friend. -Chloe Michelle

sometimes...we go cray cray...

sarah oreos and lauren diet coke. somethings never change.

eye on the prize, madds, eye on the prize

lovin' the old fashion camera
this is one of my very greatest friends. he was looking especially sharp
and slightly indie, i couldn't resist the photo opp. love the shoes, alv. 

my shoes: compliments of sarah jane <3

in other news: happy birthday jerica!!!!