Monday, March 31, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 13 - new companion Sis. Farnsworth

Oh my word. I love my mission. I am in Cedar Falls still but I have a new companion, Sister Farnsworth. I LOVE HER SO MUCH ALREADY!!!! She is an answer to the hope I had in my heart for another great companion. She works SO HARD and is ready to follow the Spirit. We have had the best studies together. And seen miracles already. Sister Monroe is now in Davenport and I will miss her.  I am grateful to have Sister Farnsworth now. Gosh: can't get over it: she's so great. the beginning of this week I was getting really anxious to "pass on" the area to her. To make sure I knew enough about how to get around and all the info about this place and the people we are working with. Her energy for the work and her confidence in teaching and feeling the Spirit is a perfect breath of fresh air to my heart that was beginning to be worried that I didn't know enough. Plus, the weather turned officially springtime and everyone is SOOOO happy!

We are currently working actively with 13 people. It's CRAZY! I think in Iowa City we had like 5. It is a challenge, but I love each of them so much that it's literally fun to be here.  (she told us about all 13! – edited out)
(Sister Farnsworth..) She is a champion. She has no sheets on her bed (we are buying them right after this emailing) but that shows you how dedicated she is to WORK. We have been tryign to plan a road trip to the outlying towns around CF for 3 months now and it kept not working out. We decided today was the day and just WENT. It was so cool. Our area expands like 2 hours East of CF (out to Ackley if you want to Google map it) and we always end up staying here because we have so much to do here. But we went with a list of less-actives to find that bishop gave us, with the idea to find people along the way, so we just headed out.

Coolest part of the day: We get out of the car in the little town of New Hartford with literally a dozen streets in town. we meet a guy outside and talk to him and leave him with a card and leave feeling like we had TOTALLY fulfilled our purpose. We ate lunch on the TINY highschool's bleachers and had the best talk EVER about how we had become something truly great because of our past experiences in this world. We drove to a street and looked for this one house: #522. There was a 520, 521, 530. We asked a guy on the street and he didn't know. We lingered for a second, threw our hands in the area and kept driving. For 3 minutes I had a conversation in my head about what I was feeling. I didn't feel right about it. I was trying to understand if the Spirit was trying to speak to me. finally I figured "if it is the Spirit, why not?" I told Farnsworth we needed to go back. We come back to the street, got out. We tried one more house...and then we were able to talk to the random guy on the street again: but this time about the gospel!!!!! And then we turned around: HOUSE 522!!!!!!! It was completely out of order from the rest of the street. I thought to myself: this is what I pictured myself doing in Iowa. This was complete bliss. I felt SO light as we drove through sunlight and cornfields with the windows down. I LOVE being here.  I love the TEENY small towns and the miracles we had there. God is truly directing this work. I know that. With my whole heart.

Sister Chloe Sumsion

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 12

Fortunately for my testimony, sometimes God gives us knowledge and then allows us the opportunity to use it. Saturday was a rough day and it reminded me that missionary work means I'll need to WORK! With our district leader we listened to a really really amazing talk by Elder Holland about how it's SUPPOSED to be hard because Salvation is not a cheap experience and that we can't have this life be easy if we want to be along Jesus Christ in whom life was NEVER easy for. 

I think i've told you about H---, but not really. Here's her brief story:

My companion and I followed some promptings and wound up talking to this desk receptionist on one of my first weeks in Cedar Falls. She is 23 and left the church when she was a teenager. We taught her, she prayed and had an amazing experience, and she is now fully active and we went with her yesterday to receive her Patriarchal Blessing. It was a sweet, sweet experience.I think she and I will be friends for a long time. We each bore testimony on the way home that we were here in this place at this time for this exact reason. It was very powerful.

The Patriarch told us that our blessing is "our personal KEY to receive revelation" I think that means it shows us HOW to. As all things in life, prayerfully study yours today!

Also, a girl named J--- that I found in Iowa City set a baptism date for April 18 and I am SO EXCITED!

Sister Sumsion

She gave us her companion's blog this week and we able to read a lot of what Chloe doesn't tell us... :-)  I think one of them will be transferred tomorrow but Sister Monroe has lots of pictures and experiences of the last 12 weeks together...


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 11 - Got to go to the temple!

This week was awesome. The weather IS picking up a TON and it is warming EVERYONE's hearts, including my own. It has been so nice. 

I have had a crazy month of being stretched thin and that is the only reason I didn't write much.  

I WENT TO THE TEMPLE! It was so peaceful.

Love, Sister Sumsion

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cedar fall week 10, Week 24 Mission

March 10, 2014
I love this work SO MUCH. My companion and I have really different opinions...but we love each other SO MUCH! It is a lot of learning, but it is SO great. 

I was taught this week to really trust in the resources God has given us. I feel like God is trying to tell me that if I trusted in -  the leaders I have been given, the Book of Mormon, prayers of gratitude, and revelation through church attendance.....ALL WILL WORK OUT!!!!!!! He always attempts to speak to me. I just have to open my heart.

The, story: I got those boots from Holly, right? The ankle ones...and then you send those big snow boots, right? So there is a sister here that is in an all walking area and she was coming down with pneumonia. Her parents are really struggling and she is REALLY struggling financially. I actually gave the snow boots to her. I asked if they fit her. I think she almost cried. so.......your boots are in a good home.....and I haven't needed them at all because we have our own car. :/ I hope you are not upset because I really am doing good and staying dry and warm. 

I know this is another day of craziness, but please don't worry. I am learning from the Lord.
Keep doing what you are doing
Love, Sister Sumsion