Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Seder and Sarah (Day 52),

          Tonight was Seder dinner and Sarah's birthday. We had a bit of roommate bonding time when Pam and I took her to get ice cream in celebration. I have really grown to care for these girls. Have I mentioned I love them them yet? And Jerusalem? Could I ask for anything more?

 The things you can find at the convenience stores...

To the store! Aka the hunt for the RIGHT ice cream.
Try #1

Try #2 

          I've been looking forward to Seder dinner ever since I met a Jewish girl on my bus in 4th grade. We weren't really friends but I always wanted to be invited to her house for Passover. What can I say? You do what you can to experience culture...or is that just me? :) Oh that's right: I'm the nerd for Jerusalem here, not you. My apologizes. 
          ANYWAYS, tonight was finally my turn. After our "pep rally" in Hebrew class, I was beyond excited. Turns out it was all worth it. It was special and spiritual and wonderful. Good table chat. Great people. Learning about culture. That happy feeling inside that you only get when you do I once-in-a-life-time thing. The final moment of the final song where we all bang on the table and I was just thinking: Life. Is. Good.
          I pondered a lot about the "saving" role of Christ in my life. I loved the Hebrew and the harmonies and the format and the sacredness of this ceremony. I think I'm going to make my future family do Passover meal. I gotta go find me a book in the city. The Jewish people hold a special place in my heart.

the washing

(grape juice) :)

the readers

the man of the day: our Judaism teacher, Ophir
looking for the lost bread

Ophir's daughter leads the search

In other news:
• Today was the death of my third pen here. :) Why yes, I do enjoy writing a lot. How did you know? RIP little guy.
• I LOVE WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT! It's been happening all day today and I love the thick feeling you get when the darkness engulfs you. Kinda creepy, yet you can't help but smile. :) Where is a candle when you need one...

Study-time Thought of the Day:
•"I used to be so creative in my papers at the beginning of the semester, now I'm not. What doe that say about me?" -me     "It means you're more...economic in your writing." -Hannah    Thank you for justifying my efficiency and/or laziness.

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