Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Confliction (Day 58),

I'm tired, yet awake.
I'm glad to be done with Old Testament, but not pleased with my performance on the final today.
I love learning SO much, but I had a sad discussion last night with Hannah and Alicia about the problems within the education system.
I feel like I should be strong and confident, yet I am faced with the weaknesses mortals face.
I'm done with two finals, but have two more to go.
I want to go to the city, but mostly I want to take a nap!

Woa. I just realized I wrote that in chiasmus form. AWESOME! I'm so amateur and yet so excited. I love my life.

Study-time thoughts of the day:
  • "I'm looking for the Book of Mormon in Adamic....Amazon doesn't seem to carry it...." -Ian
  • What happens when Ian, Luke, and Blake get together: 
  • "Woa. GoogleMaps recognizes the State of Israel." -Luke     "Wow. That's more than half the world can say." -Me      "Oh wait.........that's just the '49 Armistice Agreement line."       "Yeah, but STILL...."           O Jerusalem...
  • There should be a "GoogleSites" where I can look up important things to see around where I am. I know, I know: there are sites like that. BUT! None of them can claim social convenience yet. Plus, it would probably take all the fun away from adventure.
  • I walk out of Hebrew class and English doesn't make sense to me anymore....

Things I love:

  • Remembering that last night I lay wake for ten seconds after my head hit the pillow and thought, "Woa. This is ten seconds slower than it normally takes." And then I fell asleep immediately.
  • Going to find the market with 10 people, and within 3 minutes find myself alone with some of my closest friends on the trip. Awesome.
  • Going shopping for clothes, leaving with art and chocolate.
    • Having the store keeper tell me what "REAL Israeli chocolate" is.
  • Entering the botanical garden in search of Irises, winding up at Pinsker's grave.
    • Actually knowing why Pinsker is important to Israeli history.
  • The universal peace of a war cemetery in which the ground is foreign to the citizens buried there. Especially with the tension with said citizens' government and this land only 5 years later. 
  • Being too tired to add to the conversation, but realizing that listening to Luke and Hannah is better than anything you have to say at the moment.
    • Conversations that make you think.
    • Conversations that leave you brain-dead.
      • Realizing I participated in both types today.
  • Playing volleyball for basically the first time since my 7th grade team and absolutely enjoying myself. 
    • Watching the people around me, as competitive as they are, concern themselves with the feelings of fellow players.
  • Feeling strong and yet surprisingly light-and-easy...probably from all the endorphins I just released.
  • This day.

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