Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 57,

One final down, three to go. We're all trying not to get overwhelmed. :) In order to de-stress we do some funny things:

  • stand on our head. (I have no idea. Ask AJ)
  • talk in funny voices
  • use the self defense moves we learned tonight in Relief Society on the boys
  • walk to the grocery store and get chocolate (it's for the student store. don't worry..........except I totally bought some too. let's be honest.)
    • p.s. thanks to my secret sister who gave me MORE CHOCOLATE!!!!!
  • do laundry
  • write in our journal
  • eat food
  • watch movies
  • play CatchPhrase
    • "It's a band! That sings songs!" -Hannah
Seriously. My roommates and I are really good at this. Boker Tov, Jerusalemiters.
 -ChloĆ© Michelle

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