Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Me (Day 68),

My professors are all historians...and geniuses. I found out on Thursday that my New Testament teacher actually specializes in Church History. I never would have guessed. He knows SSSOOOOOO much that I literally don't understand how. After four days straight with him in Jordan, I decided I want to be a little more like Brother Harper when I grow up. He has a passion for study and a natural ability to "be a historian." Brother Harper inspired me this week to do what I love to do: namely history and studying. But today I was kinda thinkin': right now, I'm not so good at the facts-behind-the-Old-Testament kind of history. But what I DO have a passion for is learning about others and about myself, especially when it comes to putting doctrines to the test in my own life. I've only had his class for a week now and I am already learning to question everything and put it BACK into my life in the place it belongs. And I think that's why I love blogging so much: not because anyone in particular reads it, but because I LOVE IT! I love writing and organizing my thoughts. I love recording and then tracing my thoughts. I love remembering back to the times where I learned something new. How else could I see my own growth? How else could I see how far I've come? How else could I remember the wonderful days of Jerusalem?
SO: my post today is a note to self: You have learned so much in your time here in Jerusalem. ALWAYS REMEMBER IT! For example: today you learned that faith in Christ means that you must trust Him. Understand Him. As Brigham Young said:
"I will take the liberty of saying to every man and woman who wishes to obtain salvation through him (the Savior) that looking to him, only, is not enough: they must have faith in his name, character and atonement." 
(See Elder's Bednar's talk: The Character of ChristI will have to do a full post on it later because it's AMAZING!)
If I can remember that, praying and being more like my Redeemer will be much easier. I will work and learn to be more humble BY Him and THROUGH Him and OF Him. Give things a try; they will take time. For now: go LIVE IT!
Hello, future Me. Hope you've grown a lot more since this post. Love, Chloe' 

Today some of my main goals were to blog (finally) and go to a church. Mission accomplished.

St. Peter's Gallicante (commemorating -if you will- Peter's denial)

Reading scriptures on-site has got to be one of my favorite parts of this trip.

The traditional site of Caiaphas' palace and therefore dungeons.

Note to self: WILL incorporate stained glass windows if I ever build my own house. Right, mom?

:) The sign is just too much like Andy. These boys are great.

Byzantine-period replica. Notice the Temple Mount in ruins. Significant.

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