Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Whichever Way The Wind Blows (Day 45),

I have been cooped up in a tiny room now for 3 days straight. Silently surrendering to my studies. I was expecting to go out today, but everyone was kinda-jus-chillin'. So I went with it. This is two days in a row now that I've actually done my homework. And you know what? It's been kinda nice. Especially when you see the world in this kind of attitude: And especially when your friends invite you to do awesome things with them.

Hannah today: "I love my life. And everything about this day." I told her I liked that saying. She responds, "I know. I stole it from you. You say it everyday."

I love this place. -ChloƩ Michelle

The set up.

The direction.

The mastery.

The joy.

The Harper boys join.

The instructor. 

The simple observation.

The lost kites.


  1. CHLOE!! I miss you! You adventure sounds amazing :) You never cease to amaze me. Have a wonderful time and we have lots to catch up on when you get home. Love you!

  2. Good thing you had to go all the way over to Israel to fly a kite! I think you still have some in the back of your car! - Love, Dad

    I LOVE that picture of you in the Joy! You are such a happy person. We love you and so glad you are enjoying this experience. Love Mom