Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Erika (Day 36),

I figured since I now know that you actually read this blog, then I could write directly to you. So hi. :) I love you. So much.

Today was kinda boring as far as writing home goes. (But exciting for me because 6 hours of class IN Jerusalem and then studying ABOUT Jerusalem until I fall asleep is my idea of a good day.) Since you asked me in your email about the people here, I think today I'll switch it up and do a dedicatory post to the people here that matter most.
(p.s. I'll try to catchup on some of my missed days, so look back through the timeline of my blog.)

Over the past few months, I've been pondering the idea that everyone has a story. An INTERESTING story. I've become fascinated with people and their many different lives. I love getting to know them. So the following people kinda have a theme in my life right now:
#1 I only met them a month ago.
#2 They probably don't know it yet, but they have altered my experience here...for the good. I know that sounds dramatic...but seriously: I am constantly learning something just by their presence. Intense stuff. That's what you get when you spend all-day-every-day with the same people in a very confined space, emotionally and physically. They are becoming like home to me. And that has GOT to be enough to justify them completely changing the way I think.
#3 I very much enjoy their company. You'd think from the above mentioned closeness that you'd get sick of people...but I actually crave more time with these people.
#4 I love my life. Especially with these people in it this past month. And perhaps things will change as time goes on. I mean, it's only been a month...but...for now, here goes my list of awesome people:

Meet Hannah. (Why, yes. This picture does very much describe her.) She is WONDERFUL! Hannah is 4 years old at the inner 4 year old in me is never ever embarrassed to come out. She makes me feel so completely and utterly comfortable. I enjoy all moments I spend with her.

Natalie. AMAZING. Her personality is just my favorite thing ever. Happy. Enthusiastic. Unselfish. Sweet. Even incredibly musical. I love that she is redefining my idea of accomplishments. #nofilter. Isn't she gorgeous?

Luke. Aka Spencer Lucas. Aka Spluke. Luke describes himself as "idiocentric." I describe him as "intriguing." I like our conversations.  I love the perception I have that he is brilliant beyond reason. Perfect face, don't you think?

Alicia. (On the left.) I could listen to her voice all day long. Literally. Alicia has reminded me of my love for music, people, and sound advice. Alicia keeps me sane.

Andy. I love history. Andy loves history. We can geek out together. It's GREAT!

Alvin. The boy who inspires unselfishness just by being in the same room. This, by the way, is his REAL smile.

Ashley. (On the left.) Calm. So incredibly calm. I love being around her happy and willing smile. She leads me in the right directions...obviously. :)

Pam. My roommate and hero. She is so REAL. She says it like it is, and I always want to hear it. She takes action on the things she wants to do. I want to be like her.

Sarah. My other roommate. I love Sarah's attitude. I love that she is always happy. I love that she stays up late with me to cram for our midterm. I love being around her. She makes me happy.

So there you have it. The people who make me better. The people I adore. The people who make me happy. The people I enjoy my time with...all the time.

Love you, Er. Wish you were here too. -Clo


  1. Hey Clo I think this is the best blog post I have ever read. . .no joke. You are so great I can't believe that we have only been friends for such a short amount of time. Anyway since you missed the most important person (YOU) here goes: Chloe is the happiest most true to herself person in the Holy Land. She has brightened my day on many different occasions just by being observant and caring about my life. She truly is a wonderful Christ like person who makes the whole Jerusalem Center better. Thanks for being you Chloe

  2. That was a fun introduction to your friends. Glad you are surrounded by so many great people.