Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Connections,

Today, I need your advice.

Recently, I've been thinking about tolerance and integrity. About instances where you should allow people to do what they want, as well as moments where you should stand for something.

So tonight I had a seemly bland, but surprising meaningful conversation to add to my thoughts. It went a little something like this:

Me: "Hello [Friendly Jewish Man Who Will Be Attending The Concert I Am Ushering For]. Welcome to the Center."
Him: "Shalom. Were you just reading the Guest Registry comments? You're not supposed to do that."
Me: " *nervous giggle* Yes I was. The couple in charge told me to."
The conversation then turned nice and he asked me how long I had been here and where he lived and so forth.

After our conversation finished, I was a bit concerned. I was surprised at how blunt he was to tell me off so authoritatively. I felt so intimidated by him. I wasn't reading them because i had to, I was reading them because i wanted to. Because i was interested in what people had to say.

I started feeling guilty. Maybe reading those registry books are NOT ok. Maybe i was the one here breaking social norms. Maybe I should listen to this man with his authoritative attitude.

But maybe not. Maybe he just gave his opinion and i wasn't confident enough to stick up for myself.

What do you think? Was I right to be intimidated by him? Or should I have been more confident in my response and said what I ACTUALLY felt? I'd love to hear!

Sincerely, Chloe' Michelle

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  1. The following poster is in no way my answer to the question, but I just couldn't help but think of it when I read this:

    Anyhow, There is a fine line between being assertive and being offensive as well as between being considerate and being unassertive. But as long as you listen to your heart and the Spirit you can usually know which is best for which situation. Assertion is usually well-suited to advocating important issues, but should never be used with the intention to offend. As long as you know not to take offence when none was intended you can usually respond in such a way that gives no offence, whichever way you choose to go. The Spirit will tell you when you can leave a positive impression.