Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Connections,

Meet my mother. She's freaking amazing.

So you know when you have those Sunday church meetings when you just get overwhelmed with one specific emotion? Yeah well today was gratitude for my mother.

My mother puts up with way too much from me. I would know. I'm so very much like her.

Like when she takes me shopping for two days straight before heading off to Jerusalem. So I didn't have to stress about cloying until after finals week.

It was a long weekend. But I hope it was worth it. Because my mother has also taught me to be obedient. And now I wake up every morning feeling confident about my conservative strict Jerusalem center rules. I love her for sacrificing when I have emergencies and so that I can feel comfortable.

My mom is my hero. I love her more than the sky and the earth.

GNLYS. Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

-Chloe' Michelle

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  1. I love my Chloe Michelle! That was very sweet. And of course it was worth it. I hope all the clothes are working out cuz we worked hard at finding them huh? :-) Hope you are enjoying Turkey! So cool that you get to be there.