Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Jerusalem Day 28,

My idea of a good day:
Drive to the middle of the Judean Wilderness. Hike in the Arab heat to the top of a mountain with absolutely NOTHING around you. Read the account of Jesus' fast in Mark chapter 2. Sing "More Holiness Give Me." Ponder on your OWN purpose as a child of God, just as Jesus did. 
Needless to say, it was cool.

wilderness. really. (p.s. this is my first view of the Dead Sea)

However, it quite a wake up call back to my life in Jerusalem. :( Goodbye forever, green fields of Turkey. . . . . actually. . . . . probably not. I'll probably move there some day. Alvin and I already planned this out. :)

Looking forward to 7 hours of catch-up homework before class tomorrow. Sometimes, I love having nothing else to do in the world than read, talk, think, and live in the Holy Land.

Love, Chloe'

Click to Enlarge and ENJOY:
That's right: donkey. Chillin' in my life in the Middle East.

Ok this one is for my family: You know how we always quote Cuzco from Emperor's New Groove when he's planning to build himself another palace? "It's my birthday gift to ME! I'm so happy." Yeah, well this is legitimately Herod's Winter Palace. NBD.

Zacchaeus' tree (Luke 19)

This one is for Austen: Here's my first shot at advertising :) haha and yes, this shot was taken IN JERICHO!!!! It helps that Rachel is gorgeous.

Behind Rach and I pretending to be models in the direction the Israelites came from to conquer Jericho. Family: remember that dumb song we always sing? The one that starts and ends with "Joshua fought the battle of Jericho" because we don't know the rest of the words? Yeah that one. Well, we sang that IN Jericho today. :) Funny huh?

Elias' spring near Jericho (unknown scripture reference)

Ok this one goes out to Austen, Erika and Chris Walker: POMELOS! Hahaha they are all over Jerusalem. :) good times.

Crossing the border from Israeli land to Palestinian controlled land. The tension you feel here is UNREAL.


  1. So fun to finally see you face after 4 weeks. Thanks for the pictures and fun references. So do they call the palace Herodtopia? Is it scary beyond all reason? Love you

  2. We have gotten fun comments from family on your blog _ keep it up chloe!

  3. This is from Grandma Montgomery: We are fine. We are having a big month coming up with Alex comeing home and June 20th and party for Alex and then Drew leaving on June 24th. We are enjoying your blog. You look so happy. We are proud of you. We are planning our trip to China, Tibet, and Mongolia, and we leave June 25th. We love you and be careful.