Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear John Alvin Green the Third,

you inspired me with our talk yesterday. Because it remind me of things I had forgotten:

#1-- I love blogging. I'm going to do it more. If people want to listen, they can...but if not, that's ok. Because I want to do it anyway. Simply because I enjoy it.

#2-- I love friendships. They bring me joy.

#3-- I want to be a better person. Partly because you are so awesome. Partly because you reminded me that I can work harder than I have been.

So here is to not being lazy. Here is to love and affection. Here is to a LOT more blogging. Here is to Jerusalem Summer 2012! Thanks for a good day, Alvin. I enjoyed our long bus ride through the backroads of Turkey.
-Chloe' Michelle

1 comment:

  1. Coolest Blog Post Ever? I think so except for the part where you forgot to mention that I am only half the awesome person that you are! I am so glad that we are such great friends(thanks Turkey) and that we still have 3 months here!!!