Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Jerusalem, Week 1,

...HOLY RAINBOWS! I love you already. And I've been here like a day. Crazy
Things I love so far: Call to Prayer 5 times a day. Beautiful. My internet reading right to left. Right now the periods are all on the left side of the page and the words are on the right. :) Awesome.e

I love it here. My closest friend told me to "soak it in. Take pictures of the dumb stuff. Like where you do your laundry." I love that. Because I want to remember ever inch of this place. The only word I can describe it right now is magical. There's something different here. A lady from back home, when she found out I was going to the Holy Land, told me "even the very dirt testifies that Jesus is the Christ." If that alludes at all to the magic of this place....I hope you understand.d

.So for now, I think I'm going to stick with a picture a day. We'll see how this goes

.Day 1--4/24. Packing

yeah...all of that has to fit in...and it did :)
Day 2--4/25 Tired.
Been traveling for over 24 hours
Day 3--4/26. First tour
THAT'S MY VIEW! and my home
.Day 4--4/27 Birthday
Beauty in it's purity
Day 5--4/28 WOW! A tour through my new world

LOVE YOU ALREADY, JERUS. <3 Chloe'Michelle


  1. so excited for you :) ps. happy birthday! love you!

  2. POST EVERY DAY!!!!!!! ERY DAY! jk....but seriously

  3. SJ! I can't! I'm too freakin did you?