Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Fun.ny fans,

Ok I have SO much studying to do, but I have to rant real quick. When you go to a concert and buy the t-shirt, you HAVE to be willing to talk about it. I mean COME ON! Let’s be honest, you stood in line for a fourth of the Fun. concert and paid 4 times what you should have for the dang thing and wore the t-shirt to school the following day because you wanted to show off. So do it! Because wearing it the day after means that it was so FREAKING good that you have to tell the world how you almost died from love of the band. (Which is ok, because it really WAS that awesome.) If I pass you and make a comment like “Hey, good concert, huh?” And you look at me like I’m crazy, then #1 I feel SUPER AWKWARD or #2 it makes me want to yell “POSER! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TALK, STOP FLAUNTING!” But the Superego inside me says that’s not socially acceptable. Aren’t I justified in this desire? Haha All I want is to relive the experience a bit. Is that not enough of a reason to talk to a random stranger? Come on, man, aren’t we united enough under our love for the amazing band that we can stop and chat about it for like 3 seconds???? *Sigh* Oh well. Good concert any way. 


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