Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dear Last Day in Galilee (Day 94),

I think you know a place is wonderful if you:
            A. want more time there
            B. it invokes feelings of goodness in your heart.
Galilee has been a very peaceful place. It feels like too soon that we must leave it behind.

beautiful peaceful and captivating cemetery
 including grave sites of some early Latter-Day Saints
a powerful testimony of dedication to this great faith I believe in

view of haifa
with a glimpse of an adorable j.c. couple
as well as pink flowers, for hannah

 panorama of the Baha'i shrine
beautiful theology
beautiful gardens

my "big brother" & close friend/roommate in galilee: another adorable couple here

elijah...i mean mt. carmel
(see 1 kings 18)

rachel caroline edwards
provo roommate
stunning model
excited and happy about life
ancient aqueduct
glad I know her

this is robert
immersed in the caeseria experience
"literally," as david cramer would say

ice cream endeavors
THE gelato of the holy land according to the harpers

:) I love you, northwestern Israel.
Sincerely yours, Chloe Michelle

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