Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear New Love (Day 85),

You know you are in Galilee when:
-you walk to and from your apartment and the "classroom/cafeteria" building 42.6 times in one day
-you blame the heat for your craziness
-you live 60 steps from the beach
-all you've done today is study and go to class and eat...but it's fun because it's all about GALILEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there is anything I would like to live, breathe, and eat right now...it would be Galilee.
-you ask someone to turn down the AC, and realize it's the first time you've been cold for 3 months
-you then walk outside and get hit with a wave of 110 degree heat...in the shade...plus humidity
-you find a frog in your shower
-you find a new love: the Gospels 

I absolutely love the feeling of reading my scriptures and saying "Hey, look: this happened RIGHT HERE!" This place is so romantic and wonder-ful...but probably boring for any reader to hear about because I literally read my New Testament ALL DAY LONG! You think I'm kidding?

My schedule today:
7:30 wake up and eat breakfast
8-10 NT class
10-11 read NT
11-12 NT class
12-1 lunch
1-4 study session in my room
4-6 study session in the classroom
6-7 dinner
7-9 talk with roomies.....but mostly (you guessed it) STUDY
9-10 bonfire
See what I mean?

Oh well, life is great. Here are a few random-funny-moments of the day.....at least....they were funny to us.....
  • "He came to you too?" mistaken for "Think we can youTube?" -Rachel E.
  • When twisting words describes our personalities:    Natalie: "Sheep-herd"  Me: "Sheep-her-dahs"  Hannah: "Aw,  sheepers, man"   
  • "When you said that word, I imagined capital letters and exclamation points in my head." -Me
  • "My computer is about to commit mutiny."    "What?"   "She said her computer is going to die...like a mutany."   "What's a mutany?"
  • Jay hits me on accident after I sass him: "Sorry, uncalled for regression from me"   "Did you just say that was pretty Russian of you?" 
  • "So, when I was writing my stress paper...wait..."

Quotes that could only come after hours of NT studying:
  • When we analyzed Natalie's ice cream joke and then knew that Professor Harper had REALLY gotten into our heads.
  • "Who sings that song?" "Roman Direction" "You mean One Direction?" -Rachel and I

Life is good on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. -Chloe' 

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