Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear Searching (Day 74),

So Sarah Barlow and I may or may not have had a life epiphany today.


Think about it. It's deep.

Natalie and I studied "the Woman at the Well" story from John 4 today. I cannot get enough of the New Testament.

Went to crepes to celebrate Alicia's birthday...turns out our renowned store is closed...turns out life is great and things work out wonderfully sometimes. The store owner was there, despite the tradition of vacant streets before Sabbat. So he opened his shop just to give us gelato. Coconut and Raspberry. Yup: life is good.
i personally love that i caught the happy couple in the background

Took Sarah to the Shuk for the first time...and my last time. I decided I can't spend all my fridays in open air markets. I was so happy to be in one of my favorite places, yet mixed with a heavy burden of sadness for trying to move on to other things. *Sigh* There is more Israel to explore.

Dilly-dallied home. I don't know where on earth that expression came from, but it perfectly describes my attitude on the way back to the center. I wanted to soak everything in. And you know what I found? BEAUTY! I love the homes here. I love the streets. I love the sound in my heart when Jerusalem is quiet. How can I ever leave this?

"lighter than pillows"....made of concrete.
if you are asking yourself, "what the random?!" you are not alone.

Tonight was girls night. Apparently, when girls live in Jerusalem, they have nothing better to do than paint their nails as they watch chick-flicks. I am morally opposed to lame movies when I have precious and few moments living in this land. Then again, all Luke and I did instead was laugh at things on the I don't know if that's any better...except I think it is. :) I would take laughing with someone who you think is wonderful over unnecessarily pouring your heart out into a love story that isn't even yours ANY DAY. (Although I'm not opposed to good movies at the end of a long day when I have absolutely no homework to do......which has been, like, once in the last 3 months. Just so you think I'm not entirely insane. Also, I did watch for like 20 minutes, just to be somewhat a part of my girls.)
brielle blue!!!! love and miss you, girl!

I love weekends in Jerusalem. Search for beauty and you can find it. Sincerely, Chloé Michelle

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