Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Nature (Day 88),

So far in this trip, I have made it to four counties and two continents. Today was too...technical; I'm not sure what category this adventure falls in. As my roommate put it: "Today we are going into Israel Occupied Syria...but you might not want to tell anyone that. You could start a war." Golan Heights. Not officially annexed by Israel. Currently passing tanks as I write.

Made it to the top most tower of Gamla. It's this awesome city/fortress on the side of a mountain/cliff. As Professor Ludlow would say: a city needs water and defensible land. Other than that, I'm not sure why you would choose such a crazy place to start a city. Let's be honest, it was probably just for the view. The fog was a heavenly barricade against the sun...but not so great for accentuating vivid color for landscape pictures.

Next was Qazrin Village a quaint little village that had a reconstructed home in the style of the Talmudic period. Adorable. I had a little spark of feeling comparable to what it must have felt like to really live there. I was a little jealous, actually. Small religious town, open wilderness, small courtyard. Was life simple there? Remind me why I want an iPhone again?

Kursi. An entire national park centered on the synagogue thought to be the sight of "the miracle of the swine." Honestly, I didn't even go in. I was too distracted with the thoughts Harper left us about parables. There is so much left for me to seek. I know this might just be my perseption of "the way things are," but Harper is brilliant. Something about the way I connect with him makes me feel like he cares about the individual. He never makes you feel guilty of talking or holding up the group...even when I'm sitting in the circle wishing everyone would just stop talking so I could listen to him lecture. Forever. Instead, he makes us think. He leaves me hanging and anxious for more knowledge. Knowledge he won't let me have. Not so easy. Not so fast. Not without some considerable work on my part.

Then we got to go river rafting. They told us not to jump in, so Brianne and I had a peaceful paddle down the river........for the first 5 minutes. Then, complete pirate warfare broke out. I attacked and traded about 10 different rafts, trading teams when convenient...except for Hannah. He fought too valiantly for me to abandon her. Plus, destroyed we the apparatus, so our mission be accomplished, mateys.

I sat on the grassy beach and read my history book. And you know what? I actually enjoyed it. There is something magical about coming across about 10 sites during one reading that I've been to. As I described it to the snack shack cashier: things are a bit more real here. Plus (as the cashier and I also discussed) chocolate is better here.

Sitting next to Luke in class feels...right. I haven't seen him for about two days. I don't feel adequate enough in my writing skills to express to you the significance of that concept. How two days seems strange when you are used to particular companionship. I think: so much has changed, yet the bond feels stable......days seem like months here......and re-remembering why you respect people is a spectacular emotion.

Finished the day off with life-stories and opinions in a hammock. Now, its time to dream. Figuratively and literally. -Chloe'

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