Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear I forgot to put a title on this post in my first draft (Day 87),

You know that feeling you get when you are so 'spent,' but your heart longs to keep going? *sigh* Welcome to Galilee. I went with my heart today when I used my precious Israel free-time to journal and hike, instead of study for my test. I don't regret anything...yet.

I love the people in my program. Yesterday, I was so happy just busing all around the sea, spending every minute with another person I like. I did love my half-hour of alone time to ponder on the 'Mount of Beatitudes'...and the two hours I got to steal away with my closest friend here for a wonderful conclusion to a mind-blowing day.

Today, I'm glad to be here. Today, I'm happy to be done with my test. Hiking = totally a new favorite pass time. Ice cream. Photobooth with Abby Harper. Life is good in Galilee.

With love, Chloe'

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