Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 18

She didn't really write but answered some questions I sent....

yes I am fed and happy. we eat easy stuff in the morning while getting ready. usually do the same for lunch and then have member dinners 5ish times a week. your monthly budget has been nice because I go over some months. I am happy and eating just as healthy as ever.

the work is good. no one is progressing, but we are teaching a lot. I love it. it's sad to see people ignore truth, but that is agency at it's epitome. I am so happy here. Sister Farnsworth is the most like me person I've ever met.  It's weird but cool. We definitely chose to be companions in the pre-earth life. I love her.

I am learning a lot from my studies about using the Spirit to guide the work. We are nothing compared to the plan God has if we just ask in faith for Him to use us to do His work. :) I am learning to listen. :)

I love this more than anything, I was super homesick this week because I am excited to talk to you.....but if I could just move you 5 here, I think I would stay on my mission forever. I love it more than anything. I have never been more calm and spiritually fed. I love my life!

OH! guess what? I started the COOLEST present to you EVER. Instead of journaling, Sister Farnsworth and I have started to do video blogs every night. I can't fit them in emails but I will send my USB home so you can see them. :) you will die. I'm so excited.

anyway. LOVE YOU!!!!
~Sister ChloƩ Michelle Sumsion~

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