Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 17 - Feeling 22!

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!"
(This line is from a Taylor swift song. I wanted to listen to it so bad yesterday). Hahaha

WWWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Feelin' good today! 22 and happy! (It was her birthday Sunday)

hahaha ready for Sister Jordan Murray style letter?

      Farnsworth and I taught a "minority groups" class on UNI campus. so cool. so scary. 22 students...one girl came up after and bible bashed with us. Farnsworth got a little frustrated so I just made friends with the girl. it was kinda intense. Farnsworth is only a month older than me in the mission, so she and I are really trying this week to be better testifiers. we are learning lots as we try to focus on just teaching doctrine instead of beating around the bush. #whoknewamissionwashardwork????
      Also had a SUPER good talk that night about the power of the Atonement and how it helps families. (almost everyone in her family is struggling with their testimony) it was amazing. I love Farnsworth SO MUCH. 

    Saw Su---. Long story: basically she said she loves me, but that she doesn't believe any of this. Broke my heart. Her 8 year old daughter Ja--- is my favorite person ever. They invited us to "church swap" with them. we were both  excited to see where the other was "coming from."
    Found new investigator: Ma---. We met her forever ago and she was not interested. Farnsworth felt like we should go and she was totally ready. read half the book of mormon. SOOOO sassy. told us she didn't like that she wanted to get baptized. can't figure her out. she's like in her 60's. Accepted a baptism date for a month from now but wants to "talk to her pastor." ah. crazy old lady! you know this church is true!!!

cant get a hold of ash---. bad news. something wrong? we don't think so. Satan's just a jerk and likes to be a part of her life. saw Ju--- and Ha---. their testimonies are still strong. YEAH!!!!!

 nothing too crazy. :) had district meeting. love my district leader. he reminds me of Ben (her brother) still. I think he's leaving next week (transfer calls are next monday, transfers thursday the 8th). so sad if he does. 

   FINALLY saw Ce--- (za---'s wife). been a month. MIRACLE. meeting with her again tuesday if she doesn't ditch us. real concern. :P
   did weekly planning on the porch. so nice out. love my life.
   called Sister Monroe because I felt like she needed me to. she is stuggling a little with her new companion. I didn't say anything to help her. I just made her feel loved. I think that's what she needed. love her.

    Su---'s church was AWESOME! Like a freakin' rock concert. cray cray for reals. felt the Spirit super strong. Left SO SAD that these people try so hard and yet don't have the Priesthood. The Atonement changes everything. therefore sacrament is the best thing ever. USE IT! 
      MIRACLE lesson with the Ju--- family. YEARS AND YEARS of work on their family (by bishop, HT, VT) and finally the dad is starting to feel the Spirit again and take slow steps. SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
      Another PM family told us he might actually consider praying. MIRACLE.

   woke up and opened presents!!!!! thank you so much mommy. you are the best.
     BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT OF MY LIFE: 2 of our investigators came to church, never happens. freaking out.
       ---had the greatest talk ever with Jaden during sacrament. I didn't even pay attention. she said she prayed about the church and she's not ready. I feel like she's 18 at heart. we will be FRIENDS FOR EVER!!!!! I love her so much. I want their family sealed more than anything in the world right now. #faithinmiracles #praytoknow #churchistrue

Ah! there is never enough time in the day! I always want to say more and do more!

THANK YOU!!!!! For your birthday package. So cute. So thoughtful. Loved the clothes. Wearing them now. You are the best.

….And Sister Farnsworth was sweet and made the cake for me while I journaled. She's so great. 

---Your Sister Missionary, Chloe Michelle


Aunt Alisa
Amy Williams
Peers: scarf and note
Danahoos: my favorite candy
Hopkins: park city peace cakes!
Murrays: SUPER cute "sister missionary" sticky notes and a Carl Bloch calendar. SO NEEDED. 
Norm and Karma Rae: note
Grandma & Grandpa Gummy: super nice note and money. so sweet.

Please please tell them thank you from me. I love each of them. 

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