Monday, April 21, 2014

Cedar Falls - Week 16

This week Sister Farnsworth and I saw a lot of miracles! We were VERY tired all week, so it's been interesting to turn to the Lord and continue to work on that relationship I have with Him. 

I feel like my head is constantly going 100 mph thinking about all the people here that I love...but my heart is usually very very peaceful and that is a wonderful feeling. I've never been so calm under responsibility. Sister Farnsworth got a blessing this week that was very powerful and reminded me of the lastest blessing I had received, so we both drew a lot of strength from the words of our Father in Heaven.

I told you about As----: she is really progressing now! She has a lot of battles to tackle so we are working with her everyday, trying to find out how we can teach her the doctrine. I love her more than I can tell you. She is battling Satan like nothing I have seen before. I prayed all week that we could just get her to church and she CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was freaking out.

Not a ton exciting besides that....and I'm out of except we went on a road trip to Lincoln. Google map it. Smallest town of my entire life. Seriously. We went into this little chapel and talked to this lady and then I looked at the wall: MY FAVORITE GREG OLSEN PAINTING WAS MADE INTO A STAINED GLASS WINDOW. I almost yelped I was so amazed. And then almost punched something as I realized I forgot my camera. hahahahhaahhah I'll take you back someday, ok???

THANK YOU FOR THE EASTER PACKAGE. Last week I literally had the thought: "all I want for Easter is a See's candy bordeaux egg." I LOVE the shoes. And it was all the stuff from easter baskets I remember. felt like home. THANK YOU. saving the other one for my birthday. (Also: I got one from the Danahoos (Aunt and uncle) and I'm saving that for my birthday too so tell her THANK YOU!!!!)   sending my winter coat home soon. 
so happy. thank you for your prayers. you are an angel, mom.
Thank you for all you do, Sister Sumsion

PS - Chloe's birthday is this Sunday April 27th.  I am sure she would love a letter from you.  :)  Thanks. Her address for at least the next few weeks is: 2207 ThunderRidge Blvd #7B, Cedar Falls IA 50613

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