Monday, April 14, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 15

Oh my word I missed you so much this week so your email was awesome. I have LISTS of things to share so this week is bullet points.

--Monday: played UNO with the Zone leaders: Elder Schubert and Elder Belliston. Friday we cleaned a horders house together. (Welcome to Iowa. We were laughing so hard and cringing at the same time.) Anyways: I LOVE THOSE ELDERS SO MUCH. They are in the ward with us and I am, like, legitimately sad everytime part because I love them so much. They have taught me so much about the Gospel, and yet the make Farnsworth and I laugh SO HARD which is a great lightening to my heart. Anyway: love them. Friends for eternity?

--Tuesday: Taught S--- the Plan of Salvation. I was so worried going into it because she seriously does not believe us and hasn't found the desire yet to pray to know: so I wanted this lesson to go well. The Spirit was really strong at the end when I bore testimony of how much I loved her and her family and wanted them to be in the Celestial Kingdom as a family. I was crying: she was crying. Nothing changed on the surface...but I pray that her heart is slowly being opened to this Gospel. The lesson didn't end the way we wanted it to..but she invited us over for dinner next week (out of town this week). I love her so much and want her to receive an answer when she prays....we just have to help her believe that she can. We actually fasted today before we saw her because Farnsworth and I both feel like this area needs some change and we are working so hard to find what it is.

--Wednesday: Exchanges with Sisters Hill and Canon. I went with Sister Hill and expected to see some miracles because of fasting. The day was kind of blah...but then they left us with a commitment: teach simple doctrine. Farnsworth and I think this is the answer we need for this area. People need more truth in their lives. Then they feel the Spirit. Then they WANT to change.Because they have hope that the Savior can help them.

--Thursday: met with A---. The elders turned her over to our love because she's a single mom. Her life is an absolute mess because Satan does NOT want her to do good. We bore testimony that the Lord was more powerful than Satan. She needs a lot of help and I feel like I have been preparing for awhile to be able to be here for her at this time to turn her to her Savior so He can bear these burdens. 

--Friday and Saturday: We met with Sl--- and a new investigator named St---. They both need to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I have so much faith that if they were to recieve that sure witness, they would be the most solid members EVER. They already have the strongest relationship with God..........however, I don't feel like they really want to know so I am worried they won't be able to get that answer. The Lord works according to our faith and desires. 

--Saturday and Sunday: Stake conference in Cedar Rapids! We stayed the night with Sisters Hill and Canon at their apartment. Elder Cordon of the 70 come. Very powerful meeting about who the Savior is and how He can help us with anything. We just have to turn to Him. I took so many notes. The Spirit hit me about how grateful I am to be HIS missionary. HE cares about what I do every MINUTE. He has been preparing me each day for things that happen. Being a missionary is the greatest thing I have ever done with my life. It's the greatest thing I have done FOR the rest of my life. It's the greatest thing I ever prepared for. Sam: do everything in your power to get here. You will not regret any sacrifice you take to make it here. Same with heaven. God has more in store for you than you realize. Always always believe that. Anything you sacrifice you make in the Spirit of the Lord is FROM the Lord and He will give you specific blessings for it.

--SO TIRED. All of a sudden I hit this wall where my body wants to fall asleep at any second. I am Dad's child. I don't even feel tired and then BAM! i'm falling asleep during a prayer or studies. Farnsworth and I laugh a lot about it because she does the same thing. I feel guilty, repent, and then keep trying.


(pictures:) SAM IS SO CUTE: love his jersey, hair, and sweet breakfast for mom.

I miss Coral!!!!! Tell her I love her so much! Does she have my address?

missionaries exist in my hometown too? hahah funny!!! we work a lot with our RS pres: so way to go!

Watched a video on Hastening the Work: showed a sweep of missionaries at the MTC: SAW MCKAY QUINN!!! ahahahahah

watched conference with 1. Juarezes 2. church 3. Hannah 4. church. Loved it. sorry, I don't have a ton of notes on it. just felt the spirit.

weather was 82 on friday and I was it snowed. #Iowaproblems....

I don't need anything: i am so happy here. THANK YOU FOR THE SPRING CLOTHES.

Thank you for your prayers. 
-Sister Chloe Sumsion

New Red Coat from Mom
82 yesterday, snowing today!

what happens when Sister Hill and I go on exchanges.... (yes, this is my half of the room) 

PS - Chloe's birthday is April 27th.  I am sure she would love a letter from you.  :)  Thanks.

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