Monday, April 7, 2014

Cedar Falls, Week 14

Here is what I wrote to sister lloyd today that describes my emotions this week:

  • I went to Conference and the first talk was about "gratitude changes everything" and then bednar's was almost cut and paste sections of his "atonement and the journey through mortality" talk--then ended the session with "A child's prayer." {mom: these were main points of her training} I almost cried. It was like your words and God's words intertwined straight into my heart and it felt SO good. I missed you so much this week, Keish: I feel like my mission is steadily getting harder and harder. The more good, the more Satan can twist to bad. I POURED over the email you wrote me a few weeks ago about Satan's inability to create and how he comes after spiritual experiences instead. Three weeks ago today, I got the most spiritual blessing I think I've ever received....and these last three weeks, Satan has been in my mind more than any other time in my mission. I hate it....but I also love it. It's making me turn again and again to my Savior. It's not hard to be here: I love it more than anything and I am happier than I was before the mission........but it's definitely WORK! Remember the Holland quote you left on the back of my little pink book? I recite that in my head almost everyday: Missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. I am getting deeper and deeper into the work of the mission, and I am loving it, despite how tired it's making me. :)  I think the harder I work, the more I feel like you....and the more I want to rely on my Savior. I love you. You changed my life and I hope you know that.      Farnsworth is amazing. She works her butt off so it's EASY to be her companion. 

In Iowa city we were working with 3 people, and now we are working with 14 so I just have a lot going on.....and nothing is really changing. we are working SO hard and I am SO happy....but there is just not a lot to report. please be comforted knowing that I am so so happy to be here.

This week was really good: we had zone training which is SUPER pump-up on missionary work and then two days of conference, plus one day spent painting a member's home. it was SO fun. I love being here. P--- dropped us and Z--- and S--- are not progressing and almost ready to drop us too, but we are holding fast to the hope from Jesus Christ and knowing that this is God's work and we cannot fail where He wants us to. I prayed and fasted for S--- last fast sunday and thought about her in conference. I know Heavenly Father will help us understand what she needs!!!!! but i think a lot of that will come from work on her part because she need to read the BoM and pray about it.

I love you.

(Sister Sumsion)

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