Monday, May 12, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 19

Since we just talked to her on Mother's Day for an hour, she didn't write much.  She also got to call her brother Ben on his mission for 15 min and her sister Alexis in NYC for 20 min. She was really happy and made us laugh as usual.  We miss her sparkly personality.  Her email shared this....

 So I spent all week worrying and at the same time trying to just forget it and work......and then District Meeting was on Saturday and our DLeader gave the spiritual thought and it hit me SO HARD. He told about Jesus calming the sea, during which the Spirit taught me that I had fear in my heart and that's why everything wasn't working as smoothly as it could have been. I have tried to think since then what it actually is that I am scared of because I feel like I have faith in who the Savior is.......but I haven't figured it out yet. ah! PMG for life! I love the faith sections.

D&C 6:36

Sister Sumsion

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