Tuesday, December 24, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS - Week 13 mission

Happy 2 days 'til Christmas! I am so grateful for all your love this season. I have received all your packages and even a few packages and card from our family friends and they are all under our little tree waiting for Christmas!

I miss Lloyd like CRAZY! But I know for a fact that I am doing WAY better than I should be doing. For like 3 days this week, I DOVE into my calling as a servant of the Lord and LOVED the people around me (just like Lloyd taught me) and POURED into my scriptures (just like Lloyd taught me). I needed some comfort one night and flipped open to a page and my eyes instantly glued on Mosiah 24:14&15, which has become a pretty powerful scripture between her and I. It was another testament that God was taking care of both she and I. I KNOW I AM BEING STRENGTHENED BY THE LORD. She was able to call us when she arrived home, and my prayers since that moment have been in gratitude for the Lord (just like Lloyd taught me). I thank God for the blessing of allowing me to feel what she is feeling. It makes it somehow better that we were both there for each other, even though we were far away. It makes it somehow better that I experienced what it sounds like she is now experiencing, after I came home from Jerusalem. I am so grateful to know her.

I think it's been rough to have her leave because she is so much a part of the mission, for me. When I left my family and friends, I knew it would been awhile until I saw them again...but that I needed to go away for awhile. However, my love for this work came so strongly BECAUSE of Lloyd's love for this work, and because she gave me the tools to learn HOW to love this work. Since she was the one to teach me everything, I think the two became pretty connected. This week I got to learn that I really do love the work! It brings me so much peace and it brings the people of Iowa SO MUCH JOY.

Speaking of which: 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK! One is Joyann and one is Russ. So now we are teaching 2 young women and 2 truck drivers. Sister Murphy and I stared at each other in disbelief when we heard: how ironic is this? I am trying to love them both as much as I love Dominique and Scott...and Lloyd. :) It is amazing to see how love changes people...including myself.

Dad: tree lights are DEFINITELY missed here. Thank you for that gift to me. (He sent a picture of our "three trees" all lit up.)

The Montgomerys: Shoot! Little Jamesey is married!!!!!! (Cousin) Congrats my Provo cousins!!!! Welcome to the fam, Whitney!!!! Wish I could have been there.
Grandpa: thank you for the Christmas money!  I missed our tradition of going to your house this year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Thanks for your love and support. They mean more than any gift.

~Sister ChloƩ Michelle Sumsion~

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