Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Iowa City - Week 10, Week 12 mission

I LOVE MY FAMILY! Merry Christmas-season!

This has been a deep week! Sister Lloyd is leaving for her hometown TOMORROW and she and I are both freaking out a little bit....ok a lot a bit.....so excuse me as I rant about how much she changed my life.
Sister Lloyd is a testament that lives can be changed because of LOVE. Because she saw me for who I could be, yet loved me as if I already made it there. Because she was proud of my actions, and didn't judge me for my mistakes. She pointed me to the Savior and told me to never let my mistakes get me to hate on myself. I learned a love for the Book of Mormon, a love for laughter, and a need for loving everyone before I teach them. She changed my entire mission because she told me that the Atonement is real. I will spend the next 16 months trying to become the missionary she is, and when I see her again, I hope I will be able to be as exceptional a person as she is. I will miss her dearly, but she will work wonders in any part of the world she is in. She will forever be a part of my heart! Oh, and parents: she promised me a sleepover as soon as possible when I was home, so be prepared for that! haha Gosh. I love my mission. I love my life because of my dear family and friends at home. I miss you all a ton this holiday season: I am so jealous that she gets to hug her family this week! I can't wait for us all to swap stories when I get home!!!!!!!

So needless to say, it's been a little hard to focus this week. I am learning a lot about faith and prayer because we are working on goals as a mission. It is wonderful to learn about goal setting and it's role in my life, especially ones with the Lord included. I am studying chapter 6 in PMG about how to be more Christlike. (Sister Lloyd is PRO at this chapter, so my study this morning was going through her PMG and writing down all her notes. :) haha yes. I am a nerd.)
~Sister ChloƩ Michelle Sumsion~

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