Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IOWA CITY - Week 9, Week 11 mission

Dearest Mom, dad, sammy, Elder Ben Sumsion, and Lexi:
This week was AMAZING!!!!!!! Although I really miss you 5. I guess if I were home, it would really only be the 3 of you....but seriously, you 5 are my favorite! As the holidays wind closer, I have started thinking of our Christmas traditions, and this week I found myself missing my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. THANK YOU for living close to our extended family. I miss you all so much!!!!!!! I have loved being such a big part of each others lives.
I'm not exactly homesick....just grateful. Sister Lloyd has officially become one of my closest friends I've ever found. I keep trying to convince her to stay here forever. She'll be home for Christmas, so she and I talked a lot this week about how grateful we are for the families and background that we have come from. Remember the LOVE focus of my email last week? That love that I am capable of feeling is a result of my family. You have each taught me how to love...and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for loving me even when we get CRAZY! Thanks for laughing at my movie quotes and how silly I am. I am so glad our family bond is eternal and unbreakable thanks to the bond formed in the temple.
I got to bear powerful testimony this week of the importance of families. So Sister Lloyd and Sister Murphy are both Sister Training Leaders (STL). I think I've talked about them before, but here is a refresher: They are over about 20 sisters, and travel to their areas and help the sisters with individual, companionship, and (often times) emotional complications.I seriously think I have the coolest companions on this mission. Before, Sister Lloyd's STL companion was with other sister in Iowa City, so we would go together while Sister Lloyd and Sister Phelps traveled....but now Murphy is in...so guess what? THEY TOOK ME WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!! It was the coolest week EVER! I felt so selfish because all I did was watch these two sisters I adore do the coolest work in the world. And I just sat and tried to take in ever bit of wisdom. Their very presence brings peace. They really understand how to lead in love. They joked that when Lloyd left, I would be called and I about threw up on the spot. I am NOT a leader: so it is wonderful to watch THE BEST in action. I was so thrilled to be their little tag along. So yeah: we were in our area for about 24 this whole week. I feel like I get trained all day long and I still can't get enough.I'm addicted to knowledge of the Gospel and of my Savior right now. And how to be a better missionary. GAH! I am so selfish but I am LOVING THIS! And I hope that I can use this love and knowledgge
So in one of the areas, in a little town called Muscatine, I taught Micheal and Courtney and they are AMAZING! They are similar to Ben's couple: want to get baptized, but need to be married. The girl is only 19 and by the end of the lesson, I felt like I had known her previously. We just clicked and I felt like I just understood her. She was so excited about the church, but was terrified to be married so young. I was agreeing with her. I saw my own fears in her life. I saw how much she loved this boy, but also how she wanted to be sure in marriage because they have a son together and she didn't want him to grow up in a broken home. Out of no where I bore testimony of how special the temple sealing is and that it didn't matter that she was scared because I could tell that her husband and her were honest seekers of truth, and that they loved each other, and I told them that this was all they needed. I walked away with a grateful heart and I almost called you, mom and dad, right then and there to thank you for being worthy temple recommend holders and for staying together. There are SO MANY broken homes I've seen out here and I haven't even made it through two transfers! I am so grateful for our family and how I know how much work life and marriage takes. I LOVE OUR FAMILY!!!!!!
It snowed for the first time on Sunday, but I'm not even cold yet. The wind chill is the worst and it hasn't been windy all week so I am WARM! I love it. That grey jacket we found plus Holly's boots are miracles. The Lord really provides for His servants.
LOVE MY LIFE! Trying to study Christlike attibutes and how to feel the Spirit. It's the greatest work in the world. I am so happy. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!  (movie quote from Other Side of Heaven)
-Sister Sumsion
QUINNS: THANK YOU FOR THE PILLOW CASE!!!!! You are so kind to think of me this season!!
~Sister ChloƩ Michelle Sumsion~
 Iowa Des Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave Ste 19
Urbandale, IA 50322

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