Wednesday, January 1, 2014

IOWA CITY - Week 12, Week 14 mission

Three keys to life:

LOVE people

say prayers of GRATITUDE

live in a way that the Lord can TRUST YOU

The last week Sister Lloyd was here, she and Sister Murphy really made my heart believe these three things. I have loved this week really taking those to my head and using them everyday. Things make so much more sense this way, although I struggled with myself to constantly be ready to follow prompting of the Holy Ghost. It's amazing how much Heavenly Father guides this work. Yesterday, while listening to the conversion story of a man named Bill Carpenter, it hit me so hard how amazing it is that I am literally called to be a representative of Jesus Christ, to tell the world exactly what He would if He were here.
I therefore added a four key to life: the SPIRIT changes everything. Listening to it's promptings is the ONLY way to find pure joy.

I LOVE MY MISSION. It hit me over and over again this week how much I love being a part of this work. The more I learn about this work, the more I realize how much I don't know. We taught two less-actives and two new investigators and I must tell you that I am a VERY imperfect missionary....but as truths are spoken, the Spirit speaks, and that is how hearts are changed to believe and to act to become closer to God.

I found a new friend this week. Her name is Katy. She is half me, half my sister: she totally understands us, Lex. She requested a BoM via media referral for her fiance, who is a non-member. She grew up in the church, but had a rough last few years. As she opened up a bit and told us her story, she and I cried together. I had no idea what to say, except that I felt like I was here for a reason.  I told her that I  have personally been healed through the Atonement, because it's real is real. I want to see her like everyday. Murph has to restrain me....although there is not much she can do since I have driving privileges again this week (you get two weeks of driving as a new missionary). HAHAHAH FEAR ME, IOWA CITY!

I want so badly to watch her change. She has so much more waiting for her. She has so many blessings she can take part in. I know I've been called to be here for a reason.....I am just terrified that I won't be able to help her see it. I was so happy afterwards. I love talking about the Gospel!

Transfers are this week! Murph and I hope we are both staying! We like it here.

SSSOOOOOOO good to see your faces on Christmas. Felt like nothing had changed....and yet I know we all have. I hope Christmas was good. Running out of time. There is more in the snail mail I am sending.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a happy new year!
~Sister ChloƩ Michelle Sumsion~

Christmas chaos without Dad there to clean up the wrapping paper.

Three sister missionaries live with these darling 4 little girls!
Princess Power!
(Thank you to these wonderful people who house my daughter!)
"Its my Christmas present to me!" (new scriptures)
(Hurry - what movie? - Emperor's New Groove)

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