Monday, January 20, 2014

CEDAR FALLS, IA - Week 3, Week 17 mission

My dearest Mother,

My emails are my time to tell you all how the week has been, but I mostly end up just reflecting on the week.  They are just letters to myself. so, I guess: thank you, for letting me vent.

I am doing well. I need some clarity, but instead God is letting me choose what to do for this area, instead. I wrote some friends this week that have been really hurting, so I am sorry this is so short.

1) I will send a package next week - what should I send?  
we are actually moving apartments soon so maybe wait to send me any food. YOU ARE SO SWEET FOR THINKING OF ME.

2) Do you get fed much in this new area?  yes. we get fed SO MUCH!!! sometimes too much. I love this ward.

4) Do you like living next to University of Northern Iowa?  I was "born" (in mission terms) in UoI territory, so I am still loyal to the Hawkeyes!! :)

5) Do you like your new area?  I love the people.....but miss the people of my last ward/my old investigators

6) Do you get to go to Sunday school and Relief society or not?  W
e go to gospel principles and then RS. it's good.

I am sorry. I am over time. I love you and all is well here. Thanks for all you do for our family and the ward....and the Lord. He is proud of you, and I am proud to call you my mother.

I got a nice email from her ward mission leader (a woman) and she sent this picture.... I will include a few kind lines of her email...

Sam's Club Cedar Falls

I have the absolute delight of working with your sweet daughter!  She's new to our area, and we have quickly fallen in love with her (especially my children, who call her Sister Pumpkin and regularly talk her into hearing their jokes or combing their dolls hair).  She is a WONDERFUL missionary, and I just wanted to let you know :)  
     We took the sisters to Sams Club the other day so sister Monroe could get a new camera, and while we were there it was so fun to watch them talk to the  checkout clerk about the gospel.  While I do go on visits with them, I rarely get to see them tract, and I just wanted you to know that your missionary is wonderful.  She has such an incredible spirit about her, and is so powerfully enthusiastic about what she's doing.  

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