Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moline Week 10 (Davenport week 1)


Monday: I thought a lot about you this week. I keep trying to get to the American Pickers shop, and obviously the Lord has other plans for me. Sister Batty and I talked a lot today about the Lord's will for us. Mostly because of the talk we had with Mike last week, we talk about the nature of the Savior. About how much He cares about us. How merciful He is and how much we have grown to trust Him. His side is the side to be on.

Tuesday: Went on exchanges with the Clinton sisters. We go on one every transfer with our Sister Training Leaders. So far, half of mine have been with Sister Cannon. She is adorable and I have sort of followed her around the mission. Working with her is always easy. It felt like home and we just went out and talk to everyone. That day, Sister Batty made a very huge decision to go home from her mission and figure this all out with her head. The four of us cried to see such a wonderful sister go home, but each felt a HUGE amount of peace that this was really what the Lord had in store for her. He knows best. Even if it's not the side you thought you would be on.

Wednesday: packed. Sister Batty. Said goodbye to her favorite member family. Got a call that I would be staying with the Davenport sisters until transfers. The IOWA side is always good to be on.

Thursday: crossed the bridge to my new life in this little town.

Friday: crossed the bridge like 40 times to see people in both areas. Turns out the grass is equally green on this side.

3 sisters. 2 areas. 2 phones. 1 car. 1 work.

My life is an adventure. Always. Always always. And I love it. It was so sad to see Sister Batty go, but being here, I feel that I am exactly where I need to be.

The hugest tender mercy is that I am still in the same zone. A few of the elders have become friends of mine, so I am so happy to have their support through this transition. AND! This zone only has 2 districts so between our 2 phones than we can call ANY missionary in the zone. hahahaha it has been fun.

Sister Stahle and Sister Johannson are my new companions. I shared a car with Stahle in Iowa City so I feel like I was already her companion. And Johnnson has been in a trio before with a sister in the same situation as me so she has eased my stress tremendously and assured me that both areas would be covered. 

The Lord's way is really the best way. I am very happy to be busy and just diving into the work. Too much love to handle. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I just love EVERYONE! Everyone just needs to listen to the Gospel. Period! hahahahaha! But seriously. :)

Love you,
-Sister "Sumsph"

New companions in Davenport

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