Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moline Week 9, Week 46 mission


I am doing good. Sister Batty is getting worse and thinking about going home. it has been tough emotionally on her, but she was given a blessing that she had been given a companion to "listen to her and counsel with her" so I am trying to do that.

Not much is happening with the work. Everyone is really slow to progress but I am trying to really focus on the Savior and NOT on myself. I am trying to teach about Him more and think about what He would have me do. It's been good. We have one lady Maria who does not understand ANY of the doctrine, but came to church yesterday, so that is fun. :) I love missionary work.

I love you daddy. thank you for your faithfulness......to the Savior and to your wife. That single thing means more than perhaps anything else you have done for me.

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