Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moline week 7 - hashtags...

WOA! What a week! Time here in the mission is so precious/slow moving. I can't even begin to tell you all the things that happen in one day and yet here I am at the computer like, "Is it already Monday?"

Well, here's the life of Sister Sumsion this week:

My Companero:
Is a CHAMPION! "Holy CRAP, Dad." Like seriously. We got a call this week from the mission nurse about Sister Batty's headache. It's like a constant one that never stops. It's crazy. So we go into the doctor and he's like "yeah, that's strange. have you tried pain pills?" Batty: "Yes, nothing works. I feel like it's something else that's causing them." Doctor: "Ok. Sweet. You need an MRI." So we schedule one. Mission nurse calls and says if you need an MRI, then you might need to go home. Batty is a champion and prays hard core and gets a blessing and tries everything she can to conform her will to the Lords. After days of waiting, MRI indeed DOES get approved. MRI scheduled for a few weeks from now. #NUTS!!!!!!!! Sometimes I pray really hard for her: and other times I am so peaceful about it because she is so great and is so prayerful about it and feels like the Lord is leading her and OH MY WORD she is amazing. What a trooper! So much faith!

My mind:
I swear sometimes I have short term memory loss. The Lord is so good to me and the next day I am SUPER exhausted and the only thing I can think is "sleepsleepsleepsleep" and then I pray and I'm like, "um......what am I supposed to do?" And the Lord answers me super gently and amazingly. Happened twice this week. He knows everything! It's so cool! And He's so nice about it. #mostpatientparentEVER

My heart: 
Sister Hannah Rackham emailed me and all week I had a few Jeru flashbacks and we did our first service (hopefully many more to come) at the public library and I was overwhelmed with how much I loved my life. They are things I miss (Hannah and books), but they are still part of me and sometimes I forget that. So I had this huge "I LOVE MY PEOPLE" party. It was kind of hard, but some comforting words came to me and I determined to do MUCH better at writing the ones I love.......hense this email to my closest people. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

My studies:
because of said experiences post-Sumsion-tiredness, I had a huge attitude change and my morning studies are slowly improving. POSITIVE ATTITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!! Sister Batty's headache was so bad one day that we stayed in and I had the coolest studies ever thanks to D&C 123 and my trainer. #stillbeingtrainedbyLloyd Sometimes you get so wrapped up in worry about righteous causes that you forget how AWESOME you are and how awesome the Lord has made your life. #Gratitudechangeseverthing

The Work:
So Friday after attitude change but before tiredness went away, I randomly felt like talking to this girl who was sitting outside. Her name in Ca---: her daugther's name is Ja---. She reminds me of Summer, who's daugther's name was Jaden. Freaking out. Want to teach her family SO BAD! The Lord is so merciful. He sends us super awesome people in our lives!!!!!! So then we teach this LA lady and she just starts bearing her testimony of the Gospel and answers ALL of my prayers and I don't even feel tired and I'm crying like OH MY WORD THE LORD LOVES ME!

The Truth:
So I'm feeling relieved after awesome stay-home study and LA-pep-talk and then we teach Ni--- and I about keel over with happiness. Ni--- was baptized right before I got to Moline: she's 20. She has truly been changed by the Gospel. We went in thinking we would teach her about keeping covenants and instead she teaches me about how to feel the Spirit. I was FREAKING OUT like, "ohmywordhowcananyonebethisawesome?" She really knows how to feel the Spirit. She told us these two experiences she had this past week and "feeling good" about going into this coffee shop and then she met this super awesome Christian lady and another about "wanting to get away" from the way a co-worker was talking and about how she studied them out and planted a seed of faith and OHMYWORDWHYAMINOTMOREFAITHFULTOMYFEELINGSFROMHEAVENLYFATHER?!?!?!?

My district:
is a huge family. The elders here are hilarious and I laughed SO hard at district meeting and it felt SO good. A few of the elders transferred this week, but my favorites (Elders Wright, Sellers, and Henderson) are still here. #RockISlandersforlife Also: Sister Weist and I had an epiphany about how we grew up in the same ward together on Michigan avenue and then she finished her mission wednesday and then on sunday she brought her mom to church and they were in the hallway and were like "CHLOE" and I was freaking out hearing my first name and seeing people from home. Crazy!!!!!!!!!

My family:
Grandparents: I often wish I could call and talk to you. I love you 4 so much!!!!! Thank you for all you have done for this family because of your testimonies and hard work! I love you so much!

So yeah: Moral of the story is the Lord is really merciful. And also that I missed you people a lot this week. Please know I care about you and constantly beat myself up that I can't communicate the extent of that to you. Thank you for all your words to me: I hope some day I can make it up to you how much they help me and strengthen me. Thank you for being one of the channels of the mercy and love of the Lord in my life.

-Sister Chloe Michelle Sumsion


Can you tell the Barbers thank you for sending a note with some cute quotes: they are being used around the apartment and given to investigators and members. so great!

Moline with Sis. Wiest  (family friend) and Sis Batty

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