Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moline/Davenport - Chillin' in the QC

NUTS! This week has been NUTS!, as Ben would say. I have taught an average of about 18 lessons a week on my mission......and this week we taught 32. My companions are the best and we just never stop working so we barely even have time to think! :) We just laugh about it all the time and throw our hands in the hair and say "emergency transfer adventures!" and then just dive in. It's been so fun. These two are just the sisters for the job!

I can't even start describing my week because I wouldn't be able to stop. It's been NUTS! And we see the Lord's hand in each day. I think most amazing is that we have all been amazingly sustained: we are just going going going! We know it's His STRENGTH that has got us this far!

One cool story is that we called this elderly less-active-member couple like a month ago to ask if we could visit them. I was super nervous that we wouldn't get a very excited welcome, but instead the husband asked us all these questions about the nature of the spirit world and the baptisms we do in the temple for them. We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and some scriptures and we are really excited this week to see what he learned!

Also: I can't go without telling you about the Ward Mission Leader here. HE IS LEGIT! Convert at 21. Mission at 23. Married at 25. WML at 26. HE IS SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THE WORK!!! He told me I looked like a deer in headlights at coordination meeting because I was so shocked at the urgency he felt for this work. I think the 1-hour meeting with him was probably why we didn't stop for one second this week. He is just like "SAVE ALL THE PEOPLE NOW!" and we are all like whipping our butts into gear. So intense! 

Part of that fire was translated into making Co--- and his daughter Che---a meet with us 3 times a week. He is the coolest guy ever: hasn't been to church for 22 years (since teenager) and just decided he wanted it all again so he called us and asked us to prepare him and his daughter so that he could baptize her. His daughter is 12 and has never been to church before. We have been talking and talking for like a month to try to coordinate and finally this week we were like OK GO! and we just made it happen. NUTS!!!!

"woa! Church is true!" That's what we say whenever something cool happens (so like multiple times a day) that we feel is directly orchestrated by the Lord. 

Yours truly,
Sister Sumsion

I didn't know what QC meant so I asked my dear friend Lesa Peers who lived there what that meant.  She said..."QC stands for Quad Cities=Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline and Rock Island!"

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