Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IOWA CITY - week 7, week 9 mission

HOLY RAINBOWS! This week was awesome!

God is the most merciful being EVER. Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf because SISTER LLOYD AND I STAYED TOGETHER!  She understands me perfectly and never judges me for my imperfection, but instead does everything in her power to instill in my heart a change for the better. She is SUCH a blessing in my life.

I LOVED the work this week. My studies have just been mind-blowing and I am SOAKING up the knowledge that comes directly from the Spirit. I crave it. I seek it. I want it so bad. (some days it doesn’t come and I am still trying to figure out why…but that will come in time, right?) Part of the reason the work is so good this week is because we got another companion!!! Sister Chloe Murphy is the cutest thing ever. She was actually trained by Sister Lloyd too, so us three are like this unstoppable combo and I’m just lovin’ it. It is SO cool to hear her and Lloyd speak of stories and how THE work of salvation continues.

I got the most powerful testimony from her this week that the Lord is a part of this work. She got the impression to share 1 Nephi 17 with some other sisters…little did she know, that chapter was for me. It would take 20 minutes to describe why it hit me so hard, but as I read about the Lord showing Nephi how to build a boat, the Spirit testified to my heart that God wouldn’t leave me if I did the things He asked me to do. He WANTS to bless us. But laws are conditional to US doing OUR part. Wow. Church is true. Who knew? I didn’t. I feel everyday that my testimony yesterday was a joke compared to what it is at the end of each day. I LOVE being here. I LOVE the scriptures for answering my prayers…and my companions for answering my unspoken ones. This week I really craved that confirmation. And when it happened, I was FLOORED by how real the Book of Mormon is. READ IT! Anyone listening, PLEASE READ IT!

Iowa City is a cool city. It’s like country + college town + trailer parks + adorable neighborhoods, all in one city. I love it here. The people are SO nice. I know hard times (and even hard companions) will come…but I LOVE being “in this part of the Lord’s vineyard.” There are like 13 sets of missionaries here, so it always seems to be a party. It snowed for the first time, so it's getting a little chilly, but I still refuse to break out my winter coat: :) so it's not THAT bad yet.

Scott (the truck driver) is doing great. He teaches ME a lesson on humility and positive attitude every time I talk to him.

D_____ is the greatest 12 year old EVER. Her date was supposed to be this coming Saturday…but her mom isn’t exactly on board yet. But I don’t even mind because I am secretly thinking much good will come out of this. I seriously feel like she’s my little sister. She is SO passionate about Jesus Christ: I always forget how young she is. She came up to me after church on Sunday, on the brink of tears because her friend had been really hurt her and another friend. The Lord works in AMAZING ways because we were then able to teach her the most powerful lesson. She will changes LIVES as a member of this church. She is so strong, especially from what she’s been through. Every time I see her, I reflect on what a weakling I am: my life has been so incredibly perfect, and my faith definitely needs a lesson or two from a 12 year old…and a 14 year old prophet in the Sacred Grove. Amazing. So amazing. So much love in one living room!!!!!

Last Wednesday, I'm not going to lie, I was super homesick. I had SUCH good intentions of writing all these people I love...and instead I spent the whole day lying in bed with the flu. Luckily is was P-day so I didn't even have to miss out on missionary work, and I was well enough to do studies in the morning...but you have no idea how much I missed my loved ones back home. Luckily it was a 24 hour bug and the next morning I felt better than EVER. I really feel like Heavenly Father was reminding me how good I have it. I was SO grateful that day. He really takes care of me...I just feel so guilty for not writing everyone! Anyways: LOVE YOU ALL and I am so glad I'm not pregnant. Being nauseous for one day is bad enough. :) Also: I think I got it from the family we live with...but their 4 little girls are the cutest thing EVER that I didn't regret it at all. :) I LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH. I pray often that my family is doing ok at home.....but God knows that everytime I pray that, my real wish is for my mother to not have to worry about me. My family: I miss you terribly. ONE MONTH TIL SKYPE TIME!?!?!?! Speaking of which: we are well taken care of for Thanksgiving: we are spending most of the evening with a member of the mission presidency and his wife. AH! Love my life.

~Sister ChloƩ Michelle Sumsion~

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