Monday, November 4, 2013

IOWA CITY - week 4, week 6 mission

THANK YOU for all the things you sent me. I REALLY loved getting Ben's full email. I really missed you and him so much this week because I really don't feel like we get enough time to talk. :(  But anyways: Jordan Murray's, Jorgen's, and Ben's email seriously lifted my heart so much.  Thank you for all your care.

Also: I'm so sorry, last week... I realized you had written a big question email and I went to respond and realized that I was 2 minutes over my email time limit. :( Exact obedience is sometimes painful.

To answer a few questions:

--I seriosuly seriously don't need anything. I am so so happy. I never feel a need to have speakers. We have an ipod hook up to the car...but usually we don't even use that because Lloyd and I always have something to talk about. SO FUN! So yes: we have a car almost 24/7. We are sharing it with one other companionship....but they are over the University they end up just walking a lot. :) So no complaints.
I also bought gloves and sweater-tights so I am SUPER warm. :) It's so great not to need anything but sleep, a name tag, and my scriptures. SO GLAD WE BOUGHT ME GOOD SHOES. However: would you send 2 packages of those Moleskin journals in the yellow princess girls' room. :) blue and green. :) please.  Mom, your prayers are absolutely and completely felt. This week has been amazing.

The scripture is 2 Nephi 28:30.....but it's ok if you told them a diferent one. I love ALL the scriptures.

also: I love that you wrote in your note "it will be fun, we'll do it together." I already taught Sister Lloyd that inside joke so I could use it with her. hahahah so funny. I miss our family....but she quotes movies almost more than I do so we are having a blast. It seriously doesn't even feel like work. It's just like best friends going out and talking about what we both LOVE!!!!! I know hard times will come but for now I am just LOVING it. 

love love love love

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