Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear #thailandproblems (Day 4),

Problem #1: I'm not sure whether to put my paper inside a plastic bag or leave it out. There seems to be wetness everywhere. My poor journal. 4 days in and it's already got some serious character.

Problem #2: To explore or not to explore. I mean, this is my own home....but the last thing on earth I want to do is offend them. The first thing on earth being sleep. Sooooooooo tired. I take a crack at the pictures on the wall, the book shelf, and the Buddha statues. Awesome.

Breakfast is fried rice, miso soup, and sweetened milk. (Take THAT, roommates! No more making fun of me eating savory items for breakfast! Thais understand me.) I sat in the courtyard with silence except the birds. No one was up yet except for mom. She's a cook. Naturally, the food tastes like heaven. The cat bothered me for some food. I think I'm really going to like it here.

Problem #3: I think of the kids starting summer semester in Jerusalem. A small part of me wishes I could be there once more: but so much more of me wants to be here. The start of adventures are my favorite.

Problem #4: I WANT TO SEE EVERYTHING. Ong (my brother) took me on a tour of the city today. I kept wanting to just get out and walk so I could take everything in better. We went to the market and the supermarket (aka local venders vs. grocery store) and both were cultural experiences. I can't say which is better. Same goes for the mall. It was just like the US only the food is better and the people are cooler. I swear, I'm intrigued by everything here. Everything.

Problem #5: I don't know which one I want to be at more: BYU or Chiang Mai University. The campus is a few cement building in the middle of greenery that could be the jungle. Gorgeous. And yet the buildings are so totally Thai. Oh and it's like 4 times the size.

Problem #6: I ordered roti (pronounced row-tie) for lunch. Turns out its dessert. :) oh well.
dough with sweetened-condescened milk and sugar
please note the position of spoon and fork. how Thais eat. always.
Problem #7: I looked up roti on the Internet to learn more about it. I forgot it was an O instead of an A. Rati is the Hindu goddess of carnal desire. Haha. Bad news.

Problem #8: to explore or not to explore. I've been out all morning and I feel like I need a few hours to soak everything in. But there is much to see. I keep having flash backs to the first day I met Hannah and Alicia (my closest friends from Jerusalem) and it makes me want to get out the door. But sitting, reading, and writing on my bed is also wonderful.

Problem #9 that turned out to be more of a blessing then a problem....but that's basically the theme of my entire experience here so far....ANYWAY: the third orphanage fell through. I was upset, and turned to my brother (who was translating) for some kind of answer. He said they thought I was too qualified. That I needed to do more than play with young babies and teach them how to say animal names in Thai. They sent me to their other school: where I could actually help the kindergarten kids with developmental skills. 600 kids, but i could choose what i wanted to. I was beyond thrilled. I walked around, wanting to cry from happiness. I go in on Tuesday for an interview. I swear, if God didn't want me to be here, this would not all be falling into place so perfectly. I can hardly ask for anything. My life is so wonderful here.

And it's only day 4.

In other words, there AREN'T any problems here yet. Everything is calm and slow and absolutely perfect for me. I'm scared I'll never want to leave.


the view from my window. mosquito screen and all.

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