Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear catching-up,

Be disappointed already: photos inside Thai orphanages are strictly prohibited.

So you won't see the kids…..or me for that matter……

Just let the disappointment sink in for a bit.

Now let me tell you that I may be getting a few from my friend (who works at "Plan B" orphanage) because they trust her…..but it has been made clear to me that they will NOT go on my blog and are simply for my personal record when I arrive back in America.

Also: the three girls I play with at lunch snuck inside my backpack and found my camera yesterday and wanted to get their picture taken……..could I refuse them?

So you may see a few. But not here. 


So sorry I've been off the radar again for the last two weeks or so……but not really. I've liked being HERE. 

So I am now at orphanage #3. Plan A orphanage was called "Joy's House" and that one fell though before I left America.
So I interviewed at a government-run organization called Baan KingKaew. They are a "branch" off the main orphanage in Chiangmai called Baan Viengping, which I am currently volunteering at. Baan Viengping ("Plan C") has about 200 kids that stay until they are 18. Baan Kingkaew has about 40 kids from ages 0-6 years that they receive from Baan Viengping. Obviously, Viengping needs more help since they have more kids, so I am there. And it is good. :)

I fell in love with two little ones at Plan B (Kingkaew) and miss them so much that I often dread going to Plan C orphanage because it doesn't feel like home. Wuudii and Nat-a-pone. Holy rainbows. I can still picture their smiles perfectly.

I now leave at about 8:30 for Viengping. 
Play with 10 kids ages 1-2ish for about 2 hours. Usually blocks or balls.
Play with 3 girls ages 8/10ish that are "slow learners" and I think attend another school that's not public. 3.5 hours doing random things with them. 
Play with one kid from the first group for 1.5 hours. The nannies choose one for me. We can go for a walk or play with toys outside or play on the playground. 
1 hour trip home.
DINNER!!!! (My Thai mom is a cook and so this is always a glorious part of the day.)

Yeah! Adventures in Thailand!

LOVES. -chloemichelle

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