Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Home,

 Well Shalom. This is............weird. I live in America.

 I wasn't surprised when I woke up like I thought I'd be. Just mellow. Lexi says it will feel more strange in a few days. I think the term "sinking in" just means taking time to understand what this new thing means in your life.

Gas station food. Bathroom. Music.  All normal. All weird. 

I try to quote inside jokes just to set them a little more firmly and prominently in my mind. I relate love songs on the radio to Jerusalem. I like it.

Watched Narnia and almost died of love. I know some people think they are cheesy, but I couldn't get enough of the feeling I got during it. I wanted to stand up in the middle seat of the car and tell Aslan I'd be faithful to him. Lucy is the freaking strongest 13-ish year old ever......well......maybe besides Joe Ludlow. Miss my home already.

Home away from home, I should say. My family is surrounding me in the car as we road trip to Colorado. This feels right too.

Respectfully, Chloé Michelle


1 comment:

  1. 1) Also watched Narnia and felt the love.
    2) Thank you for ending with "respectfully" I think Brother H would be honored.