Tuesday, December 9, 2014

STL - new area, comp, responsibilities

This is Sister Training Leader Sumsion here: live from the my new area with Sister Barney. 


Sister Barney is adorable. I feel like we are already really close. She and I are very alike in the way we like things done and get things done, so I am excited for this time ahead of me.

So I don't know if you know a whole lot about STL...and I think they are different in each mission.....so here's how it works in the IDMM:

So there are 14 zones in this mission, based on # of missionaries. But there are 6 stakes in this mission, with a STL companionship over each stake of sisters. So my area is an "STL area" which means only STL serve here beacause it's a good "base" location for us to travel to all the companionships we are over. We are over 5! Which is pretty cool: some STLs are only over 2. So bascially we have an exchange every week this transfer, which is excited. And then we have a monthly "Mission Leadership Counsel" which is the first week of every month, usually. This transfer we only have one: on the 16th because we have a Christmas Zone Conference on the 10th. So basically we will be out of our area one or two times every week. SO FUN! Yeah for new responsibilities!

The mission has changed a lot since when I first came out. The "wave" is going come in the next 3 transfers so it will probably change a TON when I leave. For example: when Sister Lloyd was here, she trained 5 times and was an STL at, like, 6 months out because they had such a shortage of experienced missionaries. (which is ok, because Lloyd was like the best missionary ever and was over like 10 companionships of sisters.) But now that the mission is shrinking, thanks are changing a lot and only calling sisters near the end of their missions. So I replaced Rogers here who just went home. And Barney goes home in 2 transfers and I go home the following one!!!!! SOOOOOOO weird to think that I only have 3 transfers left and I will probably be here until I do so. AAAHHHH!!!!!!! crazy!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding: I'm never going home: I love my mission too much.)...


Solidified by me coming here and meeting Jo--- my first night. He is the nephew of a member in Des Moines who have been teaching him for awhile. He decided he was ready, contacted the missionies who taught him 2 lessons in one week while he was at their house there over Thanksgiving, and then gave him to us. My first night here was his first lesson. We have talked to him every day since and he's getting baptized in two weeks. I can't believe how amazing he is. He really really understands how amazing this message is. He is 25, a stud, and a genius. WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR HIM. It's so cool to think that the Lord really has this big plan for us we can't even see. Jordan will be my 3rd baptism on my mission and I know the Lord has been preparing both of us to meet each other. Sister Barney and I say everyday "It's just so cool that the Lord let US be the ones to teach him." He's a rock star. So excited. If you'd like to pray for him, do Because he totally is ready.

Also: at the ward Christmas party, I sat next to a man named A--------. He told me he recognized me and my name. And then he spent like 20 minutes telling me about how much you had helped him as bishop in Park City, dad. He was so touched that he got up and bore his testimony yesterday about it. It was this HUGE tender mercy of the Lord showing me how much good can come from one man's actions.......and that that man was my FATHER!!!!!!! I felt so cool to be a part of this big circle, now serving in HIS ward and I was just so touched that the Lord intertwined our paths again and how amazing my Earthly Father was for HIS service to the Lord. Dad, I love you so much. You really changed my life by being who you are. And you made a HUGE impact on his. He married a girl from Provo and they have two kids. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas! I love you 7. More than I can ever tell you.
-Sister Chloe Sumsion-

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