Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moline II - Car Accident!

11/10/14  (I don't think she would mind me sharing this - a true miracle)

Oh my word. What is my life?!??! so freaking blessed.

The most random thing happened to me this week: I was incredibly peaceful. I wish I could describe to you the peace that I feel in my heart right now. It's like this huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I don't even understand it, but it's here and I love it.

This week also hit me with another random thing: I can breathe. For the first time in a really long time, I feel like I am truly calm about where I am and am soaking in the amazingness of life that seems to be moving at a non-frantic rate lately. 

On a side note: a completely normal thing happened to me this week: I got in a car accident.


4 cars. No person injured. No one else's car injured....except for ours.


:) Re-ended at a stop light. 

thought #1: what just happened? I turned to Velazco. She looks equally confused.
thought #2: the front hood is all squished. we must have been in a car accident. I hope my legs aren't also squished. *move legs* nope. all is good.
thought #3: wow. that could have been SO much worse. I AM SO GRATEFUL!!!
thought #4: oh poop. this is really going to change our missionary work this week.

and then within 20 seconds of the hit I felt SO PEACEFUL. the coolest thing ever.

So Sister Velazco is fine physically but then starts rattling off like a million and one words a minute and I am so calm and talking to our mission-vehicle-coordinator and the police at the same time. so I am laughing so hard because I am calm and everyoen else is freaking out and that makes Velazco a little bit more crazy...but also a little more relaxed. so we are going through the accident packet for the church and the police come and the tow truck come and everything is taken care of in like 5 minutes and the police are like ok how are you getting home?

I'm like "oh my word, I just got hit like LITERALLY 5 minutes ago and you want me to find a ride home?"

So I call 3 members. no one answers.

the guy who we hit in front of us offers us a ride home. we awkwardly explain mission rules.

the police offers us a ride "that's allowed, right? I mean...there are BARS in between your seat and my seat. I'm not leaving you on the side of the road with your box of book of mormons from the trunk"

I glace toward heaven and I'm like, "um......he's a cop?"

so we get in the back of the car and the police has just finished joking about the holes in the back of our seats for our handcuffs when the Zone Leaders call.   "um..hi.....guess where we are right now?"

Turns out the mission-vehicle-coordinator cares about us a lot and already told the zone leaders who were already driving to our home.

So we pull up to our house in a cop car and Sister Hirst (lady we live with) is like, what? and we are like "we tried to call you!" 

so we settle in a little bit and then the zone leaders come with ice cream and give us blessings.


I am praying like CRAZY because I am worried about Sister Velazco getting wip-lash and then she gets a blessing and was promised no lasting complications from the accident.

So other member shows up and is like OH MY WORD I AM GOING TO BE YOUR MOM AND DRIVE YOU TO THE ER RIGHT NOW. So we go and I am fine and sister velazco has some neck pain and so she gets an x-ray and they see that her spine is totally fine.

so we wake up the next morning with absolutely no pain. 


Hit my face on the steering wheel and don't even have a cool bruise to show for it!

So now we are 100% dependent on member rides and so we are in a member's car on friday and she starts talking to us about the "prayers of righteous mothers" and how we were protected. I agree completely.

Sister Velazco told me last week that she really wanted to go "bus finding." On fast sunday, I prayed that we would know how to work better with the ward and Thursday morning I felt so badly that I just wanted to hear my mother's voice.

Turns out prayers are answered. :D just not in the way we always expect them.

Sister Sumsion

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