Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas weeks - STL week 3 and 4 Ames

Dec 29, 2014

Christmas Jammies


Our presents are "under the tree"

we tried to have a "trash bag" like dad always does.....but we got so many presents that it couldn't all fit!!!!! #tooblessedtobestressed

ok that's about it for pictures! On the missionary email, it won't let you send more than two (sometimes only one) at a time so sorry that took like 10 emails.....and all my time!!!!! I am out of time now, but I love you a lot. I am happy and it was so good to see your faces. I have really missed them! 

Dec 22, 2014

THIS WAS PROBABLY THE FUNNEST WEEK IN MY MISSION. We traveled to Des Moines Monday to stay the night with the STL's there (Matley & Whipple: know both of them well so it was a fun sleepover). tuesday drove to Iowa City for MLC: amazing leadership meeting and Sister Sumsion's mind was blown with how awesome the mission is. Thursday Friday and Saturday we traveled to 3 different Zone Training Meetings (because we are over all three in the Ames Stake). Sister Barney thinks so much like me, so training was SSSOOOOOO fun. Learned more about leadership and love and being led by the Spirit than I ever expected I would. Felt a cool connection to Bennet way across the country: half expected to see him at MLC.

All the rest of our time we had in our area (which was, like, 3 minutes) was spent caroling and handing out He Is The Gift cards. Met a man from Iraq: one of my life-long dreams. He is a Christian and said we could come teach him. PUMPED!!!!!!!! I love this work more than anything.

Taught only, like, one lesson and it was with a sweet ISU student who knows it's true and is thinking of gettign baptized but has to find a way to tell her family. SUCH A SWEET GIRL!

And last but NOT least: J--- WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!! Sister Barney and I were GIDDY all day. J---, this buff/tatooed/thug of a kid started tearing up after his confirmation. It was SO AWESOME. He really "gets" what it means to give your heart to the Lord. These past two weeks have been a highlight of my mission. I was panicking that something would go wrong but everything was going right and then we started the meeting and headed into the font and it had been locked in the 5 minutes we had left the room for the opening of the meeting. I turned to J--- and teased: "J---: you did this, didn't you!" And he laughed so hard and was like "THIS IS THE WORK OF SATAN!" Barney and I were dying laughing. And then one elder that was there randomly had a key. SO COOL!

I am so happy to be here. I can't wait to talk to the 5 of you on Christmas. HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!!!! Now that Jordan's baptism is over, we officially started to pray for snow so we can have a WHITE chirstmas: but it's SO WARM!!!!! hahaha I will be reminding myself of this when it's -20 in February....haha.....

 -Sister Sumsion

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