Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cedar Falls Week 23

June 9, 2014

This week, God was truly merciful.

He leads my past:
----- I took a class at BYU about African anthropology.
----- Last week I had a discussion with our district leader and he told us that he feels awful when he reads anti-LDS material and that the Spirit always points us to become better and see things clearer and point us to the true nature of the anti-literature is not from the Spirit. Also, on dad's email the other week talked about not even opening anti, not because we want to cut ourselves off from knowledge, but because we seek to understand things from the tools God has provided to us. 
----- Mom forwarded me that story about how that one missionary got into a heated discussion with someone and then kept tracting anyway. (and found a golden contact afterwards so he was happy he had kept tracting - Elder Butters)
----- Ben's email last week about not even napping because he wanted to just dedicate everything to the Lord.

He knows us perfectly:
So Thursday we have Zone Training Meeting which I think is my most favorite part of my mission. They are always SO spiritual and you leave just feeling like you can do anything the Lord needs you to do. We are trained by the Sister Training Leaders and our Zone Leaders. They are really really good missionaries: people with real experience in life. So we leave and go to try this guy we met the other day who said we could come back. We were excited. 
Long story short, he opened the door and was super friendly.....and then goes off about how we have been deceived and that if we listened to the Lord, we would not be Mormon and that we were going to hell and it was his job as a fellow Christian to warn us of the error of our ways. 
I thought I would break down in tears and doubt my testimony.
Instead, I walked away feeling the Spirit. I felt so sure that God knew me and loved me. I thought back to the most recent blessing I had received. I knew there was NO WAY ON EARTH that the Priesthood had not been restored to the earth. 
Farnsworth and I were a little shaken up, but we said a prayer and just kept working.

God leads our future:
We found three people that night that really needed us. One of them was a boy we stopped on the street. We taught him the restoration right there and he said he would be baptized.
Imagine if we had gone in for the night. 

The devil is real. But so is God. And God is way more powerful and merciful. He's spoken to me. He knows me.  I have probably a million and one questions for Him and I DO NOT understand why all these things happen, but I am so sure of the fact that this is His work. I am so glad we met that man at that time, right after Zone Training, or else I would have been shaken up. I thought of the story of Moses seeing God and then Satan. Ah! Church is so true! 

We had a mission fast this week to sanctify our hearts and to really have faith in this work of salvation. I am excited to see how it changes things. I am trying to just believe that all these people I love will come closer to their Savior through ordinances. HOPE IS BELIEVING THAT THE SAVIOR IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS. I know He watches out for these people and loves them and works with them even more than I am. I am so imperfect, pretty tired, super happy, and VERY grateful to have this chance to know my Father better. I know I will strive to do that throughout my whole life. I am so not good at it: and that's why I am glad I have time here still.

Sister Sumsion

p.s. I lost my USB port with all my pictures on it. I have been so upset about it that I haven't even prayed about it: but that is going to change! Will you pray for me to find it? More importantly: pray that Su--- will want to learn more! THANK YOU!

Gays: thank you so much for the package of homemade cookies! the note you wrote truly touched me. thank you for thinking of me!!!!

Grandpa and Grandma Gummy: MISS YOU! I look forward to helping you at the ranch NEXT summer!!!!

(Note from Mom - I got to meet Sis. Wilson - the mission leader in Chloe's Cedar Falls ward this week.  She was visiting in Utah for a few days - she is a gem - feeds the missionaries (all of them not just Chloe and her companion), does their laundry, lets them skype at her house,  and drove out their winter clothes with her!!!  Thank you Sister Katie Wilson!!! We love you!!!)

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