Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear scene (and unseen),

I run outside. All the time. Even in two degree temperatures.

That is not to say it happens everyDAY, but that everytime it DOES happen, it's outside. (Mostly-because-I-was-not-a-full-time-student-last-semester-so-I-wasn't-allowed-to-use-the-facilities-until-now. But STILL!)

Today I went to the gym.

There is something about swishing ponytails, bare legs, and the need to have your muscles show through your t-shirt that is so...........i don't know.........ridiculously American.

I thought about me doing this in Thailand. It seems silly. I wonder what they would think. I dunno. I've never been. Maybe I'm wrong.

But I'm happy to be going away for a bit. Perspectives are fun. So is mystery. I've missed having something thrilling to look forward to........even if I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Sometimes, that makes it even more exciting. The wonder.

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