Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear my past,

Ok I really have like three books to be reading for Thailand...but this is too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Almost a year ago, I went to this concert. The best concert of my entire life, I bet. Small venue. Beautiful lyrics. Euphoric feeling. Great performers. Musical...perfection.

It was awesome because I went with one of my closest friends at the time.....(ok-so-he-was-my-boyfriend-but-whatever). But the thing that made this concert so great was that I saw the lead singer realize slowly throughout the concert how truly famous he was becoming. It was like he didn't know how awesome he was and we all we obsessed with ever word that came out of his mouth.

Fun. Literally.

They came out with a new song yesterday. I don't like.

But it doesn't mean that I will stop listening to it. Because sometimes in life, we hold on to things we know. Because we love them and always have. And we aren't going to change that anytime soon.

And there's maybe something strange about that. In my opinion, it's actually kind of unhealthy. It probably means we, as humans, don't like change.

But even after psychoanalytic work, it doesn't alter the fact that we want it anyways.

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