Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Photo Friday,

She moves her hand into the space between us and looks me in the eyes. "Hi. I'm Kalyanee." Woa. I was just hoping to eavesdrop, this is way better.

She's brilliant. Courageous and humble. I think this instead of focusing on all the questions swimming through my head. I shake her hand, but I'm too flustered and flattered to do much else. The film was enough, now this? I ramble some words of gratitude and I'm on my way.

I exit the building and hover on the top step as I take in the sidewalk. The materialism I usually immerse myself in seems distant. The world I see is through a different filter.

I always taken for granted my ability to work with my hands. I think I get that partly from my dad. I always take him for granted too. I've grown accustomed to a father that is always sober and honest with his wages. I always take for granted the kind of love I've received from my family.

And to be honest, after this "on top of the world" feeling fades, I probably will continue to. But maybe after watching the film A River Changes Course, I will be a person that is just a fraction better then the one she was two hours ago. More loving. And connected and willing to share. Maybe I'll remember that life isn't about issues: it's about humanity. And I'll take the relational knowing and globalization lessons I've learned and be a little more grateful that my life isn't completely consumed by the economic situation of my family. That I am allowed hopes and dreams. And that getting food on the table isn't a question.


  1. This is such good writing. (I know that's not the point of the post, though.)

    1. No, no. Coming from a journalism major, that's a flattering compliment. I spent time on this one so it means a lot to know it was received well in the hands of a fellow writer.