Sunday, December 16, 2012


I'm sorry. I've been really bad at this whole blogging thing. I absolutely LOVE blogging. But something i enjoy even more than blogging is people that are close to me. 

You see, two months ago today, something showed up on my door step unexpectedly:

Received Package: Boyfriend. 

Name: Tyler Vale Alden. 

Formally known as: Best Friend. 

Must accept all parts. 

Some assembly required. 

Maybe everyone and their mom will call us and say "I told you so. I always knew you and Tyler would end up together." But the truth is, I didn't. I didn't see this coming at all. But opportunity showed up on my door step after 2 years and I realized: this is it. And I just decided I wanted to take it..that I wanted to give him my heart. I know what I want, even when I don't know exactly what lies ahead. Im jumping into the unknown, 100% feet off the ground. 

But that's the beautiful thing about life: sometimes you never anticipate good things coming. They just do. Seven and a half years later:

I'm dating my best friend.

I wish everyone else the same peace and joy.  -Chloe'

really little us
(the first time we hung out)
little us



  1. This may be the best post I have ever read! I know and love both of you! I approve of this 110%! Love you beautiful girl!

  2. I love that you have pictures from so long ago! Love you :)