Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mission Day 1 MTC

I LOVE MY LIFE!  and the MTC

First day, I showed up and already talking like Jordan Murray -
(friend of ours who described the MTC email clock as very stressful counting down to your death...)

Sister who takes suitcases from curbside: talking at a million miles an hour.  Me: "EXCUSE ME I'm HAVING AN EMOTIONALLY TRAMATIC EXPERIENCE HERE." Ha ha.  And the whole time she's like "This is so awesome.  You'll do awesome." And I'm like "Can it woman and let me cry!"

Walk in. "You're late to the district meeting sister."  I'M A FREAKING "S" - DON'T EVEN!  So I watch orientation video alone - except companion who has to watch it twice.  Sorry sis!  Oh well, she's adorable.  Sister Batty.  From Freemont.  We had a game where we thought of as many things as you had in common with your companion.  Neither of us has been bucked off a horse - although my comp here has been bucked off a cow. #Loveit #Don'task

District = straight faces.
I think my teacher is HILARIOUS.
Only one laughing.  #awkward #don'tcare

Saw Emily Hales (her roommate that checked in the same day) at the first meeting - I think.

Some more meetings.  Lots of SUPER energetic people who have been here like 8 days & know everything.  #prosasap

5 girls in my room.  All going to Iowa Des Moines, English.

ok time and paper is up now.  Love you. 
- Sister Sumsion

(from a handwritten letter.  Her P-day is Thursday so she only gets this Thursday before she leaves for Iowa)

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