Monday, October 21, 2013

IOWA CITY - week 2, week 4 mission

Mom, I love this work so much!
Sister Lloyd and I had a few SUPER amazing talks this week and I had some really cool learning experiences directly from the Spirit and I just feel incredible. I know that my Savior is my rock. I know that sometimes in life, we have to hit "rock bottom" to figure out that He IS the rock at the bottom. I have clung to my testimony of Him this week because I keep learning about Him and loving how much this Gospel blesses people's lives.

Sister Lloyd showed me a talk this week that is called "His Atonement and The Journey through Mortality" by Elder Bednar. Changed everything. This week I have been SSOOOOOO happy. Happier than I thought I would be. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong because this is so great for me that I totally forget about everything else in the world.

Except you guys. And my friends. I love my family so much. I know that you guys are the second rock on my "cairn" tower of rocks. :) I hope you built some of those in Moab. READ THE TALK. It's amazing.

Anyways, yeah: I am so happy and most of that is from specific moments that just make it so hard to doubt that this is the only true work of God.

My favorite scripture right now (tell Bishop sorry it's taken so long) is one I can't think of the reference to write now because I am so frazzled that I get to talk to you right now. But it's the  "line upon line, precept upon precept" scripture and I have been pondering on it this whole week. God really works with us according to WHERE WE ARE AT.

Hhmmm. Where AM I at right now? I'm not really even sure, but I know I love it. This week I tried to learn as much as I could about EXPERIENCING what I gained from the MTC. I feel like I heard so many inspirational things there and now I'm trying to take things slow and apply them. I've noticed myself trying to take small theories and test them out. I had a few times this week where I thought for sure I had just received revelation so I tried my best to follow it and remember what it felt like. My goal this next week is to identify those moments more clearly. Sister Lloyd and I had a really good talk about it during our weekly planning/goal setting and I am so excited to see what comes of it this week. 

**I feel like my testimony is growing so much more because of this effort. My memory is HORRIBLE, but I love tryign to remember these specific moments where I am confident of the Spirit and what it's testifying to me. For example, yesterday we were teaching a member family after our dinner appointment. We were talking about the Brother of Jared and I was praying for Heavenly Father to let me know what this family needed and what I could tell them that would be important to them. The only thing I thought of was "Eternal Families"...which felt unclear and off topic. I had no idea what to say but I bore a 30 second testimony that this Gospel blesses families and we can live together forever. The father of the home ended with a "thank you for that" and we said a prayer and left. I'm not sure if he was referring to what I said or just that we had come, but I felt so happy knowing that I at least had tried to bless their home in the way they needed it. I hope as I continue to look for those things, I will be more confident of the Spirit's testimony to me.

There were also a few moments where I felt COMPLETE love for people I didn't even know it was so cool. I am slowly learning what it means to be a part of this wonderful work. THE wonderful work of the Savior's ministry to bring others unto Him. I hope with the authority I've been given, the power I can gain from obedience and study, and the knowledge I have of my relationship with my Savior, I can be a better servant of Him. 

I also thought a lot this week about how much preperation I had to be here. I love (mentions specific boys), my seminary teachers, Nancy Jones, Judy Call, Buffy, my mommy, my older sister, my daddy, and the love from my family. I love them for what they taught me BECAUSE they loved me. I love them for their foundation in Jesus Christ and for who I am because I met them. I can now add Sister Lloyd to that list. She is building me up higher than I ever thought I could be.

Words this week are failing me. I love my trainer more than I can express in any other way besides tears. I love my family more than I can say and I know this Gospel is true. Period. No battle. You better believe it and know that I mean it.


There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone. --Elder Benny Sumsion, via, dad, via mom's print out, POSTED UP ON MY WALL!!!!!!!!!! love it!

~Sister Chloé Michelle Sumsion~

Iowa Des Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave Ste 19
Urbandale, IA 50322


MOM (Verhaarens): I totally know Sister Matley: she was in my MTC district and I love her SO MUCH. Also (Grandma and Grandpa Mongtomery), Sister Lloyd know the Lowes! They are in a different ward, but how cool!

DADDY AND KELSEE and Aunt Alisa and Uncle Ken: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I miss you all so much. It was hard to write down the date and be like FLIP ELDER (from Best Two Years movie) I WANT TO SEE THEM ON THEIR BIRTHDAY!

ELDER REX SUMSION WELCOME TO THE RANKS, my cousin!!!!! So proud of you. And Alisa and Brittney thank you so much for your
letters. They are seriously so powerful and wonderful to me!

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  1. I hope I'm not breaking any rules. I just thought you should know you're the top source of traffic on my blog (so I'm gonna update next week just because of you). Also, I met another Chloe Sumsion. And she is into photography. But you're still the best Chloe I know.
    Thank you. For friendship. For your service. For being an angelic rock star.

    And I just realized your family might be posting on your blog.